8 Years Reunion with GC based blogger @mytravelpics84

I met Mariella in 2011 while we were both working in a cinema complex in New Zealand. I was still studying at the time, completely unaware that the degree I was striving for wouldn’t take me anywhere, and she was hopping from one country to another.


Despite being from opposite sides of the world, her being Dutch and me a Chi-wi, we had one thing we had in common: we are both very short.


Seriously though, when you look out for her in a crowd, don’t bother looking for her, just look for that crazy long blonde hair; she’s even shorter without those boots.

Mariella and I caught up over lunch at Quay & Co in Circular Quay. She told me all about her new life in GC, and how she gets free/discounted travel activities working in the tourism industry. I was made to remember that guy I dated in 2011 (thank god I don’t need to worry about dating anymore).


If you hadn’t noticed already, Mariella is SUPER CUTE - hence all the snaps. She took some snaps of me too, but you won’t find them on here. I’m camera shy, she isn’t.

Fun fact: We don’t have an addiction to Instagram, we have an addiction to our Previews.


I can’t take full credit for this shot. I searched Instagram for 30 minutes trying to find an awesome angle of the Opera House, and eventually found this one. Too bad it was a miserable and cloudy day, I would’ve loved to have seen more contrast.


This shot here is inspired by my friend Nathan Manfredi - a photographer from Canada. He loves rainy days on the beach, stormy nights out, and venturing out to the darkest parts of the forest. Bright and happy environments are his sworn photographic enemy. I’m definitely inviting him to my wedding.


Last one of this adorable Dutchie, isn’t she though with the puffy jacket and fluffy white hat? I’m pretty sure she was the only one in Sydney actually dressed for snowfall. Already missing you heaps. I’ll be seeing you soon in the GC!

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