Georges Camera Meetup: Blues Point & Lavender Bay

Tonight I attended my very first camera meet up. I have never attended one of these before, because believe it or not I am actually quite shy. According to the internet I am 60% extrovert (ENFP-T), so the only logical conclusion I can draw is that extroverts can also be shy too; I need to be around people, but I don’t want to talk to them. Aaaaaand that is why this is my first ever meet up with other photographers. Fun fact done.


First meeting place is Blues Point Reserve. While everyone was focusing on the Harbour Bridge, I was actually more drawn to the piers of Pyrmont. With the day approaching dusk, the waves indecisive in mood, and the variation of clouds above, this created a lot of mood in one frame. I also love the contrast between the old pier stores in front of the concrete jungle. And of course, Sydney’s never-ending construction.


At around 5:30pm we headed down to Lavender Bay. A bit late to get a PAGP (Pretty Asian Girl Pic), but no one wants to see me pose, I’m super awkward.

The image above was taken just as the sun had set, and there was still a blue in the sky. The one below about 20 minutes later, and the night had fully taken over the city.


I prefer this angle of Lavender Bay because the entire water surface has the reflections of light. I think this aspect balances the picture a lot better than the first. Also, I added a lot of colour in post processing. Maybe you think this is over-doing it, but maybe you are possibly under-doing it. Jusssayin.


After saying goodbye to my mate at George’s Cameras, I decided to take a walk to Milson’s Point to try and grab a photo of the bridge close up. Regretfully, I only brought my 16-35mm — foolish of me really. However, I managed to get this awesome long exposure shot of the bridge with the travelling ferry, flying birds overhead the bridge, and even a miniature Opera House. Sick shot. Worth venturing out of the house with a cold for.

Thanks George’s Cameras for setting up this awesome meet up.