Lebanese, Vietnamese, & Milk Teas

Day 9 of my cold, and I am still not taking it easy. How can I with so much delicious food to be eaten? So I am out and about again with Izzy, who is taking me along on her invite to have Lebanese food in Greenacre called Mr. Shawarma. I enjoyed it very much, it was worth risking leaving the house for.


These are Meat Wraps filled with a mixture of lamb and chicken. They were actually really, really delicious. After I couldn’t decided between Kibbeh Nayeh, Sambiso and Chicken hummus they eventually succumbed and decided to make me a very special dish off menu. Take note hospo folks, all you gotta do to make a customer happy is just to say you are going above and beyond.


I adore this photo I captured of Izzy, because I finally figured out how to use the “Texture” feature to toggle the sharpness and bluriness of her facial features. Result: her face looks super soft, but still keeps the integrity of her actual features. This photo marks my achievements, I win.


I got to eat the Meat Wrap hot first, I win.

After Lebanese food, Izzy took me to Bankstown to enjoy Pandan Waffles. I didn’t get a picture of the waffles because the lady scolded us for taking photos. They must not have wanted us to get a picture, maybe they are doing something dodgy. I’ll tell ya what’s dodgy - how criminal those waffles tasted. I never thought I’d love pandan or waffles that much to warrant inhalation.


I remember when this store first opened in Sydney, all my Asian friends went mad. There were reports of cues out the door to the road, tiny Asian ladies beating each other up for skipping, and cries for help when the flavours ran out. Just kidding, I would have no idea if this happened, but at the same time I can totally imagine it. About a year later I’m finally catching up to a hype. Truth be told, I’m not much a boba or cheese foam tea drinker. Personally, I find paying anything more than $5 for a tea is daylight robbery. But in actual fact, these were pretty nice, and I’d probably have it again - if I were ever in Bankstown.

Will I be sick tomorrow? Most likely. No ragrets.