Spending the Day with @izzyfooddairies and @Hoji.Chaa

There’s nothing better than spending the day with good friends, good food, and a really fluffin’ cute puppy. Even though I’m in the midst of a chest cold, that doesn’t stop me from the hustle, especially if that hustle involves activities like this; geez food blogger life really is hard (sarcasm). But in all honesty, not even the worst migraine could prevent me from going to a shoot. Just drug me up with all the Day & Nights and I’m good to go.


@Izzyfooddairies, or Izora, is a nano food blogger from Instagram. We met the traditional way, ya know - commenting on each other’s pictures and eventually deciding that we should meet. Today we are at Cafe Kentaro, a Japanese fusion cafe in Surry Hills. It’s quiet, leafy, and dog friendly.

Izora’s friendship is extremely rewarding, she’s kind and down to earth, she’s teaching me all about being friendly with dogs, and she brings her puppy to my shoots which gets 100 likes extra per pic - YASS. Seriously though, don’t know what she sees in me, most of my brain is always behind the lens, or gobbling up good food, and I don’t like to share.


Hojicha, who resembles nothing like the roasted tea leaves but maybe a cafe latte, is the cutest thing ever. She’s young, energetic, loves to eat random stones on the ground and always wants momma’s attention. I feel like I should be giving some royalties under her name for all the work we force her to do during brunch hours.


Because Izora is my friend, I took her photos free of charge, it’s the least I can do for utilising her floof in my photographs for monetary purposes. I like this image because it says, “It took 100 frames to get this shot, but that’s OK - I love you anyway.”

Check out Izora, Hojicha and Kentaro pages below: