Taking Zee's Souffle Pancake Virginity

Losing your Souffle Pancake virginity is a serious time and not to taken lightly. If you are thinking about crossing the line, it is best to have some supportive foodies to guide you through the ordeal. After all, you are bound to be asking yourself frantically: “What the fluff is a Souffle Pancake? Which one do I order? Why are there black round balls floating on my food?” Very overwhelming indeed.

Brown Sugar Pancake.

Brown Sugar Pancake.

A Souffle Pancake is an airy pancake, similar to the American version, but the egg white is separated from the yolk and then whipped into something similar to meringue; this is what makes the Souffle Pancake very light, bouncy, and cloud-like.

Most people have had a traditional pancake, but this craze is really taking off here, yet not fast enough as I suspect there are plenty of people who haven’t had one yet.

In Sydney, we like ours topped with boba, pudding, matcha, all the stuff Asians like, but you can also get these plain too. Cha Ball does an amazing Brown Sugar one, simply perfection.


My friend Anne loves her Brulee Pudding Pancake so much, she’s willing to let her camera eat before she does. Don’t let it go cold babe!! This is one experienced Souffle Pancake eater. I wonder how many Souffle Pancakes she’s had in her time?


This is Zee, the Souffle Pancake virgin. She’s never had a Souffle Pancake but she knows that it’s all about the build up to the hype. Think she’s getting warmed up and almost ready to go!

Photo by Zee.

Photo by Zee.

Anne said “Show me your happy mmmm face!”

Deep down I was thinking… goddayumm it was utter torture waiting for cameras to eat first.

Matcha & Strawberry Pancake.

Matcha & Strawberry Pancake.

After all of that foreplay, we finally got to eat our Souffle Pancakes. Consensus? Not only did we finish every spoonful, but I’m pretty sure the word “orgasmic” was uttered several times throughout. I have no doubt that we will be coming again.

Unapologetic about the phrasing in this post; us ladies in our 30’s got no time to be PC.

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