Influencer Process


To start with: Organise a date and time and I will show up with my DSLR camera and a friend (or friends!) to enjoy the experience with.

Don’t forget to reserve us a table with the best natural light!

Upon arrival: Prepare us 3-7 of your best dishes (or let us choose) + drinks per guest & dessert if you are feeling generous.

During our visit: I will capture as many beautiful images as I can, to which at least one of them will be a “flatlay” food spread, provided there is adequate natural light and food (flatlays work best with 5 dishes or more).

Stories: I will capture Stories that will attempt to convey all aspects of the brand including food, drink, people and atmosphere. All stories will have your geotagged location, some description of the food and ambiance, and mentions.

After the visit: I will aim to post the pictures on my social page in a reasonable time frame (within 2 weeks of visitation), however depending on demand you will see the post public in up to 6 weeks*.

Note: Our collaboration style will vary depending on the type of business you undertake. If you’d like to discuss how we can collaborate further, please contact me here.


Please read this disclaimer carefully before booking myself (or any Influencer) for a collaboration with your brand, especially if it is a complimentary service:

No Influencer is required or obligated to post on their Instagram representing your brand without monetary compensation, even if we both mutually agreed a post in exchange for a meal/goods.

We are also not required or obligated to give you our content free of charge after the visitation is over.

A free meal is NOT a good enough reason to not pay an Influencer.

Requesting Free Images

If you do not wish to purchase these frames but would like to use them freely on your social page, you may screenshot any of the images on my website.

It is common courtesy to credit, mention, and refer back to the content creator @kerabeareats