Handcraft Specialty Coffee | Newtown | Sydney | Australia

Handcraft Specialty Coffee | Newtown | Sydney | Australia

From Pick to Cup

As you all know, on the days I'm not at work making coffee I love to sample other barista's coffees. For some people, coffee is just a milky drink first thing in the morning. For others, like myself, it's a love and relaxing ritual.

Today my journey takes me to Newtown, an inner western "hipster" and foodie suburb with an abundance of tasty delights from many different cultures: insatiable Indian curry, marvelous Mediterranean, crazy good kebabs, and spectacular Spanish. But what most people don't realise is that coffee is also multi-cultural: Ethiopian (East Africa), Honduras (Central America), Colombian (South America), even Sumatran (Indonesia).

Without getting too technical, a coffee's flavour can differ depending on where the beans are grown. Central American coffees tend to taste more like apples and cherries; South American coffees caramel and nutty; Ethiopian coffees berry-like and fruity; and Indonesian coffee earthy and herb-like. 

Of course, other factors involved from pick to cup can change the tasting notes, and that is exactly why I love going out to try a new coffee, to discover and experience new flavours from different countries, different producers, different farms, different roasters, and from every unique barista.


Today I drank a Honduras coffee by Primary Coffee

Notes: Currants & Poached Pear

Being able to identify flavour profiles of a coffee is important, however, because taste is subjective it's not a big fuss if these flavours aren't obvious. The most important aspect of drinking a coffee is the level of enjoyment that is experienced. I most definitely enjoyed this coffee, it tasted more like sweet stone fruit than just pear and currants, but it was light, aromatic, had nice body, and it was exactly what I needed after working a long shift week on my feet.


I love a good signature pouring shot!


Today I bought Geisha coffee from Proud Mary Coffee (PMC)

Notes: Jasmine, Kiwifruit, Strawberry, and Tangy Pineapple

A few months ago I visited Proud Mary and Aunty Pegs while in Melbourne. It was there that I fell in love with filter coffee and tasted my very first Geisha espresso, which was nothing like I'd ever had before, and I still can't get over it even today. This 100-gram tin that will yield me approx. 9-10 cups of coffee cost me $61, but I know it will be worth it!*

*Update: It really was!!!

Favourite Beverage(s): v60 handcrafted coffee
Great if you: enjoy coffee, especially specialty coffee
Not great if you: are looking for a full day's breakfast

Thank you for reading! Share with your friends, family, and other foodies!  Please give feedback so I may always be improving my writing, photography, and finding new ways to stuff my face. Now go out and try more food and report back with your next favourite!

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