Artificer: a minimalism cafe in the quaintness of Surry Hills.

Always busy, lots of dogs, parents on a stroll stop for a quick coffee before going about their day.

They roast their own coffee here, and you can buy it too.

You can also buy coffee brewing products, including Aeropress, Kalitas, branded tee’s and accessories.

There is a sense of elitism brewing in this cafe, and not just the coffee. Is the coffee delicious? Sure. Are the people nice? It depends on who you are. If you matter, you’re standing at the counter, and everyone else waits impatiently, popping their heads over to see when their coffee will arrive. Despite the wait it’s an easy spot; the baristas are in plain sight, having quite literally placed themselves on pedestals: an elevated floor.

My friend and I were there to check out the Cafe Kitsune, Messina and BSP pop-up, but when we arrived we were disappointed to find our Messina Matcha Tiramisu was already separating from the cup (see above), and my matcha latte less than impressive. Jardin du Palais Royale in Paris is still short of imagination for me, or does it always come in used milk cartons? I could make a better one at home.

And I will.

Fox shaped ginger snaps and shortbreads $5 each. I am the fool for spending the money.

The only good thing I took away from this visit, was a beautiful photograph and an ugly ring around my tiramisu, not worth the Photoshop or the $40 in total for 3 drinks, 2 biscuits and 1 dessert.

Will I return? Who knows. I am by no means a celebrated coffee legend, certified critic, just a someone with keyboard, a camera, and an opinion amongst a million. Surely one review matters not. Or does it?