My first stop this week is the very humble Humble Rays in Carlton, Melbourne.

 ”Stay Hungry, Stay Humble” is the cafe’s motto. Humble Rays is a reminder that nothing is more important than feeding yourself delicious food. 

The cafe is located north of the CBD, an easy 20-30 minute walk depending where you start, just south of the university.

One glance at the menu and I already know the food is going to be delicious. They have a reasonable savoury menu including Eggs Benny, Crab Meat Scramble and Confit Duck Salad, but in fact they are better known for their sweets: “Monkey Business” made with HK egg waffles; Red Velvet Skookie, a cookie in a skillet; and Bingsu in a range of flavours including Matcha and Thai Tea.

Despite the world being my oyster, I opted for something totally different to what I normally order - a risky move considering I am paying full price for this meal today, but I ended up wholeheartedly enjoying this luscious Pina Colada Chia Pudding. Butterfly Pea chia pudding with Coconut Agar, Coconut bechamel, Poached Pineapple, Fresh and freeze-Fred seasonal fruits and berries. 

I appreciated the complexity of this bowl, even though it is relatively very simple. It is a medley of textures and a bonfire of flavours: Creamy, juicy, smokey and sweet. It is also vegan, gluten free and nut free. I definitely recommend this dish, and the $15 price tag is justifiable.

Next we have we have everyone’s favourite activity: 

Belly Dancing: Homemade Pancakes, sunny side up egg, Grilled bacon, Banana, Nutella, Sea Salt caramel sauce, Parmesan cheese and Thyme.

It was out of curiosity if anything; what would a combination of bacon, Nutella and cheese actually taste like? As it turns out, a little bit of everything and a whole load of nothing; it’s not a bad tasting dish, but it wasn’t great either; all the elements individually were well executed, but it is clear not everyone likes to boogie. Perhaps it is one of those showy items on the menu, just for a laugh, and if that’s the case, it sure made us giggle.

Give it a go if you too are curious! 

Eggs Benedict

Ginger braised pork belly, Miso and potato korokke, Dukkah, Poached Egg, Yuzu Hollandaise, Chilli Bacon jam, Parsley Crumbs

Eggs Benedict is one of my go-tos for breakfast, because no matter what level of amazing the chefs make it, it’s always good; even a less than average Eggs Benedict is good. I believe it all comes down to the Hollandaise; if the Hollandaise tastes cheap, it probably is.

This dish is so tasty it is beyond words, but I have enough energy to muster to say it’s hearty, delicious, tender and juicy, and worth the extra calories you will inevitably burn from your post-brunch walk.

We also ordered a Soda Pop, thinking it was going to come in a glass bottle just like how they used to do in diners when you wanted a “pop”. The Roseberry Pop was very delicious, not too sweet, and very exciting due to the strawberry popping pearls. 

Overall, I think anyone who wants to try the cafe scene in Melbourne should make a stop here; it’s not too far from the city, the food is served quickly and with great presentation. 

GINGER BOY | Melbourne CBD, VIC | Auckland @kerabeareats + Eatclub App

GINGER BOY | Melbourne CBD, VIC | Auckland @kerabeareats + Eatclub App

LUNE CROISSANT | FITZROY, MELBOURNE | Australia @kerabeareats

LUNE CROISSANT | FITZROY, MELBOURNE | Australia @kerabeareats