MASALA THEORY, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia

MASALA THEORY, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia


Out with the old, in with the Neo at Masala theory.

Summary: Masala Theory, a progressive (or as they like to call themselves Neo) Indian restaurant in Surry Hills have given their food and drink menu a renovation. This menu, two long years in the making, has finally arrived and only now is Sydney ready There’s Mojitos and Long Island Iced teas - but not as you know it; and have you ever had a deconstructed samosa?

“Keeping the new in mind.”

Five words that truly encapsulate the new Masala Theory menu. Over two years in the making, this progressive restaurant has always tried to push boundaries, but only now have they decided that Sydney is ready for it. There are so many good dishes to choose from that you are already picking your next meal before you even choose your first, however tonight my fiancé and I chose nothing - we left our fate to the bartender and chef.

🌹Rose Mojito - this drink literally tastes like a rose, and not in a watered down rosewater way; it’s creamy and incredibly rich, and my favourite beverage of the night. This drink is inspired by the traditional mojito, with an Indian twist.

🍵Monk Island Iced Tea - a Long Island Iced tea, done the Indian way with Old Monk dark rum. The Masala Theory original Long Island Iced tea was made with coke, until the bartender decided it was better with cranberry - we agree.

🍸Naughty Chai - made with Baileys, house-made chai tea and whipped cream on top. What a delightfully different way to enjoy Baileys and milk.

🍗Curry Puffs with Chicken - A Masala Theory signature dish. The curry sauce is poured into the curry puff cup, and then eaten whole. These are so easy to eat, once popped it can’t be stopped.

🥟Deconstructed Samosa Garbanzo Chaat - All the elements of a traditional samosa on a bed of garbanzo beans, topped with sweetened yoghurt, date tamarind chutney and mint chutney.

🥭Mango Smoked Tandoori Lamb Chops - marinated overnight with a special ripe mango salsa, warm dark spices ginger and garlic, blackened by tandoor but juicy inside. This is easily my favourite dish.

🍛Butter Chicken - needs no explanation. Served with garlic & chilli naan and lemon basmati steamed rice. A bit sweeter than I like my butter chicken, but still tasty.

🐠Moilee Curry Fish on String Hoppers - Barramundi fish in a South Indian styled moilee curry of onions, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger and chilli, tempered in coconut milk. The flavours of the Barramundi are highly celebrated in this dish. Highly recommended.

Service: I’ve been here several times and have already had great service.
Sanitation and Hygiene: Clean and tidy, restrooms in-house.
Ease of access: Located at the Southern end of Crown Street, accessible by bus.
Price: reasonably priced, great quality food.

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