Qube on Bay | Ultimo | Sydney | Australia

Food brings people together. Food brings people closer. Food brings people to stand on chairs to take flat lay pictures. 

Welcome to the world of the instafoodie community! As a new member of this internet culture, I am happy to announce that my apprehension to stand tall is over, and it was only with the help of my new friend Jess!

I met Jess through the monthly Cafe Kentaro voucher competition and I immediately loved her photographic style so I reached out to her. Today she is helping me overcome my fear of climbing furniture to take a picture of food, and silenced that niggling voice of embarrassment! She is a fine member of the community and now a fabulous life-long friend! Check our her Instagram handle @lazypandaishungry <3


Our first insta-date was destined to be Qube on Bay. It's bizarre how I'd never seen this cafe before, for it's literally a block away from Broadway Ultimo! Now that I know it's so close, I'll definitely be frequenting their establishment more often.

But first... coffee.


Today Lazy Panda drank (her very first) Cold Drip!

I picked Jess to be my first instafoodie to meet because of her amazing photos, but I'm pretty sure she only chose me for my trusted coffee know-how - just kidding ;)

For a woman who only used to drink mochas, I was super proud to have introduced her to Cold Drip coffee, a delicious and delicate brew which she absolutely loved! Enough time spent with me and she will be a black coffee drinker in no time!


Today we drank an Egyptian Rose Iced Tea

As part of a social media promotion, any instafoodie tagging and liking Qube gets a complimentary Egyptian Rose Iced Tea on the house with their meal. Iced Teas tend to be more on the sweet side, so I was a little sceptical to try, but truthfully it was absolutely gorgeous! It was very tea-like, not too sweet, and favourably aromatic from the tip of the nose to the back of my tongue.

And now let's eat!


Today Lazy Panda ate the Smoked Ocean Trout Rillettes

with Horseradish Creme Fraiche, Wasabi Trout Rillettes, Avocado, Radicchio, Red Raddish, Pomegranate and Poppy Seed on Sourdough

First of all, beautiful dish! Second of all, that day I learned that Trout is also pink like salmon! :D

As for the taste it was luscious. The trout and creme fraiche was a perfect combination, and especially with that hint of lemon it was to die for! Definitely one for a seafood lover.


Today I ate the St. Benedict 2.0

with Smoked Bacon Speck, Poached Eggs, Broccollini, Fried Leek, Burnt Butter & Yuzu Hollandaise on a Brioche Loaf

As Jess would say, it has to be good if it's version 2! While I don't have version 1 to compare, this dish needs no improvement! The bacon is beautifully thick-cut, and unfortunately I could never go back to thin strips. Also, the Burnt Butter & Yuzu Hollandaise is simply divine, a great match of rich and tangy.


Today we shared the Black Sesame French Toast

with Vanilla Marscapone, Black Sesame Gelato, Figs and seasonal fruits, Pistachio Crumble, Pecans, and Black Sesame & White Chocolate sauce

This dish is instafamous so it was necessary to order even just for a picture. However, it was an instant love affair between our tastebuds and toast, for everything about this was perfect from the marscapone to the gelato, to the sauce that poured so elegantly from the nip to the tip of the fig... 


Last words

After four hours meeting, greeting and eating, I think it's safe to say that I've made a foodie friend for life! Though it may be apprehensive to meet people for the first time, I reckon no matter what life you've lived or where you're from, if you meet another foodie you'll always have common chairs to stand on.

Thank you for reading! Share with your friends, family, and other foodies! Please give feedback so I may always be improving my writing, photography, and finding new ways to stuff my face. Now go out and try more food and report back with your next favourite!