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To start with: Organise a date and time and I will show up with my camera, some table props, and a friend (or friends!) to enjoy the experience with. You decide the number of people to be at the table.

Don’t forget to reserve us a table with the best natural light!

Upon arrival: Prepare us 3-7 of your best dishes (or let us choose) + drinks per guest & dessert if you’re feeling generous.

During our visit: I will capture at least 10 x high quality, beautiful images for my social media page, to which at least one of them will be a “flatlay” food spread, provided there is adequate natural light and food (flatlays work best with 5 dishes or more). My guests will take photos too, but not necessarily at the same standard.

Stories: Instagram Stories are a standard service, and there will be a guaranteed story posted on location within 24 hours of visitation, that will attempt to convey all aspects of the brand including food, drink, people and atmosphere.

After the visit: I will aim to post the pictures on my social page in a reasonable time frame (within 2 weeks of visitation), however depending on demand you will see the post public in up to 6 weeks*.

Note: Our collaboration style will vary depending on the type of business you undertake. If you’d like to discuss how we can collaborate further, please contact me here.

*See Fees & Freebies for more.


It’s all about the Engagement.

The Posting Grid

When you ask me to post for you, you are subject to this logical process:

Your branded post fits into a structure I like to call FAME. “F” is for flatlay; “A” is for angle, and “ME” is for a picture of me. At this point in time, the posting structure stands as follows:

F, A, F, A, F, A, F, ME, F, A, and so on.

The Engagement Process

Effective Instagram Influencer marketing is no longer just “post a picture.” Instagram influencers must cater to a reactive audience, and that requires the influencer to post at the right time, target the right people, and make sure that they react and respond.

Your branded post will be uploaded at at time between 8pm - 9pm, 6 - 7 days a week. Prior to, and after the post is uploaded, there will be an Engagement process which involved a series of strategic Likes and Comments across an audience that will be relevant to the post.

Despite best efforts, this does not guarantee that the post will get x amount of likes, comments, reach or impressions, for sometimes the level of content and circumstances will decide the overall outcome.

Disclaimer: Kerabeareats Instagram account does not associate itself with bot programs, the use the "Follow/Unfollow" or “Like4Life” strategy, or condone the act of purchasing Engagement or Followers.


All captions are structured in such or similar way:

Opening statement (food related):
Example: You can’t go wrong with honeycomb butter, maple syrup on banana pancakes, really 🥞

Specific comments about the food and experience.
Example: Had the pleasure of trying out Bills Australia. While the pancakes here are exceptionally delicious and it is understandable why they have such a great reputation in Sydney, their other dishes while simple are also amazing; poached eggs on toast and Tuna Poke Bowl.

All relevant Instagram handles that must be mentioned:
Example: @billsaustralia

Other promotional and sales information that is relevant:
Example: Thank you so much @eatclubapp for coming through with this amazing restaurant on your app! I’ve been wanting to visit this place for so long and you gave me no excuse not to visit! 🙌🏼

Notable camera equipment and mentions:
Example: 📸 Shot with @canonaustralia 6D Mark ii with @tamronaus

25-30 Relevant hashtags (must be in the caption)
Example: #pancakes #treetopcafe #foodlover #instafood #bananapancakes #dessert #sydneyfoodie #foodstagram #cottoncandy #foodie #sydneycafe #foodgasm #delicious #sweettooth #foodphotography #sydneyfood #sydneyeats #foodcoma #eeeeeats #beautifulcuisines #dessertporn #feedfeed #myfab5 #f52grams #foodporn #onmytable #foodblogger #ricotta #goodfood

Things you need to know before going forward with a paid or complimentary collaboration.



Please read this disclaimer carefully before booking me (or any Influencer) in for a collaboration with your brand, especially if it is a complimentary service:

No Influencer is required or obligated to post on their Instagram representing your brand without monetary compensation, even if we both mutually agreed a post in exchange for a meal/goods - what if we didn’t like our experience?

We are also not required or obligated to give you our content free of charge.

Fast-track your Post.

By accepting your complimentary collaboration my intention is to do right by your brand, and I will always aim to post the pictures on my social pages in a reasonable time frame (within 2 weeks of visitation), however depending on demand you may not see a post for up to 6 weeks. I do, however, offer a fast-track service where you can pay a small fee to see your brand posted immediately.

Fast-track service = $50 to see your brand on my page within 3 days.

Purchasing High-Res Photographs

If you wish to purchase my high resolution images, unmarked, at $100 per hour spent at your location, not including the time spent sampling the food afterwards. You are entitled to a minimum of 10 frames for every hour.

Requesting Free Images

If you do not wish to purchase these frames but would like to use them freely on your social page, you may use any of the images on my website.

Or, you may request to up to 10 low-res frames with a semi-opaque “kerabeareats” centered watermark, provided these images have been uploaded by me to on my Instagram page and/or website first.

It is common courtesy to credit, mention, and refer back to the content creator.


All prices EXCLUDE GST.

For more information about my fees and services, click here.