Noodle Night Markets | Hyde Park | Sydney | Australia

Hey guys!

I spent three consecutive days at the Good Food Month's Noodle Night Markets in Hyde Park, Sydney, and it was a blast of a time. This blog post is all about those three days of bingeing, gorging, and gaining 5 kgs by the end of it!!



Going Nútie for Donuts

(located in the center of the park)

Nútie is a dessert bar specialising in Gluten Free baked donuts with dairy-free and vegan options. They are not only good for you but they look beautiful and taste good too. 

There's a competition to win prizes with Nútie, just buy a donut from them and tag them on Instagram to be in to win!

I am entering with this one below...


Fun with Mercedes Benz Australia

There's also a competition with Mercedes Benz AU if you get a picture on this swing.

And if you're wondering... I certainly did buy the pink donut to match ;)


Black Star Pastry

(located on a Southern corner end of the park)

Not too long ago I was at the Smooth Choc Festival at The Rocks where I tried the Strawberry Watermelon Soft Serve. Time to reunite that creamy swirl with the tip of my tongue...

Isn't that the most beautiful soft serve you ever saw?

It's Fry-day at Harajuku Gyoza

(located at the Southern end of the park)

They may look like ordinary fries with mayo at first glance, but they are far from it. At the Harajuku Gyoza stand I got these fantastic fries that are honestly the softest, fluffiest, crispiest, yummiest morsels ever made.

Trust me, you ain't tried nothing like these! Seriously addictive!!


Beer: The Beautiful Truth

At the Beer Concierge stand (near the St. James entrance) you can buy commercial and craft beers to match your favourite feeds at the Noodle Night Market.

Like a good wine, beer can be the perfect match for any meal. While most people see beer as a drink they chug down with mates over the footie or at the pub, a well-chosen beer can be the perfect companion to something spicy, something sweet, and anything in between. Beer can be a palate cleanser, a flavour enhancer, or to provide a balance of flavours.

For example: a light and crisp Japanese Kirin lager would pair well with Asian dishes, especially lighter meats such as fish or chicken; while a hoppy brew like Little Creatures pilsner will go well with something spicy.

Gelato Messina + Beer

My favourite combo is the XXXX Gold Lager and Gelato Messina's Oh-No-Giri.

XXXX is known to be a bitter enemy to the tastebuds, but it's actually the perfect match to rich, creamy desserts such as those from Gelato Messina.

Here, you try: Take a bite of your Oh-No-Giri, and when you think you've had enough of that sweetness, take a sip of the XXXX beer....


How does your palate feel?

What? You can't taste any more of that dessert at all?! Amazing!!

Conclusion: This bitter beer completely washes away any lingering sweetness, which means you can go back for more!!!

And remember guys... beer is not just for partying hard or for a full-on night out, beer can be an exciting way to make your next lunch or dinner even more enjoyable.


And just when you think I’ve had enough dessert, here comes a surprise attack from the Kamikaze ice cream sandwich, also by Gelato Messina.

Better run and grab some more XXXX!


Making New Friends Over Food and Beer

My new friends @mybondisummer, @wandertrail_ (Instagram) and Chef D and I had fun pairing our favourite foods with our complimentary beer!

@mybondisummer chose the Alpine King Salmon Poke bowl to eat with her Kosciuszko pale ale; @wandertrail_ got the the xiao long bao to "drink" with her Kirin lager, I had the Taiwanese Noodle House hand-pulled noodles with my White Rabbit dark ale, and Chef D had Old School Trio by Cloud Thief with a James Squire Orchard Crush cider.




Chef D and I were in town anyway so we thought to grab ourselves some more Cloud Thief before the lines hit at 5:30.

(Seriously, the earlier you go the less queues you'll face.)


Cloud Thief

I'll be honest guys, loaded fries aren’t normally my thing... but I loved these!!

Not only are these piping hot, crispy fries but there’s also a good serving of duck slathered in just the right amount of hoisin sauce. Yuuuuum!

It is the perfect street food choice if you like duck :) 


Making Pasta with Sammy & Bella, and Philips

While waiting for Mr. Cardigan to join us for dinner, we enjoyed a Phillips pasta making class with Sammy & Bella from My Kitchen Rules (winner of 2011 season). This class is totally free and easy to do and I got to take home my noodles!!


There are several flavours of pasta to choose from. I chose Matcha noodles (of course!!) and Chef D chose the Miso noodles.

Mmmmm I can't wait to make my own noodles at home with these!

And of course I had to snap a selfie with these wonderful ladies, they are super nice by the way!! :D




Nom nom nom at Teppenyaki House

(located south west side)

We took it easy on our wallets today and decided to just get something small. These chicken skewers from Teppenyaki House are super tender and super juicy.

I totally went back for the Kewpie mayo by the way ;)


Earlier that day I attended a special event held by Kerby Craig, owner and founder of Ume Burger (Barangaroo) and Bar Ume (Surry Hills). The event was hosted by Paul Daley, who is also the founder of Beer The Beautiful Truth. He put together a lunch event celebrating the pairing of beers with the beautiful food prepared by Craig called Good Beer, Have Taste.


Good Beer, Have Taste

As mentioned earlier, a well-chosen beer can enhance a dish beyond possible comprehension.

We had Kirin lager, The Chancer golden ale, James Squire's Hop Thief pilsner, and White Rabbit dark ale. Can you guess which beer pairs with which image?

Ora King Salmon Sashimi, Nori Sauce, Cucumber Oroshi, Nama Wasabi, Tamari Soy and Lime = Kirin lager

Smoked Lamb Neck "Ham", Charcoal Cooked Eggplant, Kombu Oil, Koikuchi Shoyu, Itohana Katsuo bushi = Chancer golden ale

Roasted Scotch Fillet, Shiso Verde, Wagyu Fat Potatoes and Shio Kombu Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Kombu, Shiso Oil, Nama Soy = Hop Thief pilsner

Daifuku Red Bean Mochi with "Aero" Chocolate, Umeshu Jelly and Ginger Custard = White Rabbit dark ale


It's Pimm's O'Clock!

On the west side of the market, it won't be hard to spot the beautiful red and white stand for the Pimm's cocktails. They only have one drink, but it's gorgeous, sweet, and refreshing. Every clock is set to Pimm's O'Clock, so get in line for yours tonight!


Cloud Thief (has Stolen my Heart Tonight)

Previously Bao Stop.

Cloud Thief is stealing the hearts of every Noodle Market goer this year. They have three amazing stunners, all set and ready to fill hungry tummies.


Old School Trifactor

Spicy Chicken bao, Teriyaki Chicken bao, and Braised Pork Belly bao

My favourite: the pork belly bao!! That thing is dangerous...


New School Trifactor

Buttery Mushrooms, Singapore Chili Soft Shell Crab and Beef Short Rib in plum sauce

My favourite: the Butter Mushrooms does my heart in! Ooohhh that mayo <3


Waffleland - Delight Your Senses

After getting spoiled by Cloud Thief I was taken over to Waffleland for some dessert! Here I was made a very, extra special waffle that I got to create a name for.

I call it...


KeraBearEats a French Tahitian Waffle

Hot off the waffle press, behold a surfboard waffle with chocolate, nutella, fresh strawberries and coconut. So dubbed French for Peitro Ferrero - founder of Ferrero S.p.A's Nutella, and the coconuts and fruits obviously screams tropical Tahitian.


Sexy, huh? ;)

Thanks guys! I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Noodle Night Market experiences in celebration for Good Food Month.

Have fun and enjoy your next meal, fellow foodies!