Black Star Pastry | Rosebery | Sydney | Australia

The Quintessential Bakery.

Forget misty mountains and green shrub, through the translucent plastic strip doors is the quintessential bakery and it is the true appeal of New Zealand living no matter where you happen to be; there is always a corner kitchen with hot baked pies, succulent sausage rolls, creamy donuts and crunchy Afghans waiting to be devoured.

It has been nine months since I left my town and I must admit I’m starting to get a bit homesick. While I love the food here in Sydney I also miss the food in Kiwiland; I am visualising a vast urban landscape of ovens with pies, beer battered fish and chips and $1 creamed donuts...

Today my journey leads me back to a Sydney favourite: Black Star Pastry, a place known for their beautiful strawberry watermelon cakes, but today I will be feasting on their more savouries options... 

But first coffee.


Today I drank a Cappuccino

I am a fan of The Little Marionette roasted beans, with milk or even brewed cold with ice. This morning however, I just need a bit more love in my tum.


Today I ate the Lamb Shank Pie

Sydney has little range in pies compared to New Zealand, but the pies they do seem to be like, super fancy.

A decent lamb meal is super popular in New Zealand, but a lamb pie is practically unheard of. Beef mince pies are just too damn good, and lamb is quite expensive there

Verdict: I really enjoyed BSP's Lamb Shank pie, it’s delicious, it’s creamy, and the pastry is incredibly light and flakey.  


Just look at that drip.

Not a bad pie, but surely doesn’t beat the beefy kiwi goodness!


Today I ate the Japanese Curry Chicken Pie

From The Land of the Long White Cloud, to The Land Down Under, to The Land of the Rising Sun, comes the Golden Curry Pie made with yummy golden curry and tender chicken pieces.

It’s a quite a looker, with the bright red fermented raddish on top of sour cream to garnish. 


Taste test: A-MA-ZING!

It's obvious that BSP have put a lot of thought into this pie. With an assortment of textures: flakey, fluffy, creamy, tangy, sweet and spice, this pie was not only worth the money but also worth filling the void in my tummy. 

Not a New Zealand league pie, but is a league of its own!  


Today I ate the Pork and Fennel sausage roll

It's a known fact: pork and fennel are two of mother nature’s most delicious flavour combinations. On its own, pork is deliciously savoury, but add fennel and it becomes earthy, herby, and mouth wateringly tasty. 

No doubt about it, it just like a New Zealand saussie 😋

The only thing it needs is a good squeeze of Watties tomato sauce!


Today I ate the Japanese Black Forest cake

With hojicha infusion sponge, smoked green tea, creamed infused Japanese wine liqueur Choya umeshu, green tea moss, dark chocolate bark, and whole confit ume fruit.

Enough savouries, let’s all eat cake! 

BSP are known for being one of the leading fore fronts of the cakes and desserts scene in Australia. Always on the edge of culinary genius they are constantly exploring new cake combinations, making them not only delicious tasting but also look good too.

What I love most about the Japanese Black Forest Cake is its resemblance to a real forest. It's not just about eating the cake, it's about the experience of having nature on a plate. It's super clever, and it's no wonder BSP always draws in a crowd.


My visit to Black Star Pastry to settle cravings for pies and pastries may be settled for now, but this experience has taught me that there is nothing like the taste of home. I shall not worry however, for a short visit to New Zealand is just on the horizon. Until then, I think I'll manage brunching as a Sydney sider.

Thank you for reading! Share with your friends, family, and other foodies!  Please give feedback so I may always be improving on my writing, photography, and finding new ways to stuff my face. Now go out and try more food and report back with your next favourite!