Baby Coffee Co. | Waterloo | Sydney | Australia

Oh baby, there's a new kid on the block! 

There's a new cafe open in Waterloo, and oh baby, they're shapin' up good! These guys do breakfast, desserts, specialty coffee, and even beautiful cocktails to boot 🍹 


The decor is certainly not your typical aesthetics, it boasts baby pinks, lavenders, and soft creamy white as the centrepiece of the cafe. It is certainly feminine, likely to cater to a female crowd, but judge only if you believe that colour has a gender because this is a gorgeous space for everyone and anyone. Bottomline: from the chairs to the napkins: BEAUTIFUL


Baby, you're beautiful ❤️


Baby, I got you covered 😘


Today Chef D drank a Cappuccino  

White coffee drinkers unite! Don't stand for black coffee snobs arrogantly putting you down for having your espresso with milk - when milk and coffee are married together correctly the result can be a beautiful, creamy beverage of your dreams...  


Today I had a Cold Brew from Ethiopia Celinga region 

I've had all sorts of cold brew: bold and dark, citrus strong, sweet and malty. This one, however, was crisp, clean and light! So smooth, it slithered across my tongue and down my throat like mmmmmm...


The guys also put in a generous chunky ice cube for good measure, because it's in the little details that make all the difference ;) 


Seriously, that thing could sink the Titanic!  


Today Chef D ate the "Bacon" and Egg Bun

Every cafe you go there's a bacon and egg bun on the breakfast menu, but Baby do it with something a little extra special... PORK BELLY!! YES!! If you enjoy pork belly, you're gonna wanna get your hands on this! 

We did think this sandwich could do with a bit of greens, like rocket, to balance out the sweetness of the jam, so we are excited to see what they do with it in the coming months!! Baby steps is all it takes ;)


Today I ate the Avocado Pesto Toast

With sourdough from Brickfields, heirloom tomato, purple brussel sprouts, roasted cauliflower and blood orange

Just look at how colourful this dish is!! It's fun, it's exciting, and so inviting!! Sure, it looks like just another Avo on Toast from the menu, but this is hands down some of the BEST one I've had! Every ingredient is perfectly placed, from the acidity of the tomato, the smokiness of the salmon, to the tangy citrus of the blood orange. 


Okay, you may start salivating!   


Seriously, no one is around to judge you :P


Hold while I take another sip of heaven...

Just when Waterloo couldn't be any more perfect, here comes this one of a kind piece of wonderful to make this suburb just a little bit brighter. All the best for this beautiful cafe and the many successes to come!