Koi Dessert Bar | Chippendale | Sydney | Australia

"I love you" is so overrated. Take my hand and gently whisper in my ear... "Lets get Koi..."


If there was ever a place for desserts so decadent that it's almost a sin, it would be Koi Dessert Bar. For an average of $15 a pop it may seem a little bit pricey for a few layers of chocolate, but at Koi you're not just getting dessert - you're getting romanced.


Today I ate the Nomtella mousse 

Nomtella: Espresso mousse with salted caramel, chocolate brownie and hazelnut


Just one mere glance at this beauty and you know you've fallen in for a love affair to remember. On a bed of rich chocolate brownie sits a delicious coat of silly dark chocolate, sprinkled with specks of gold, covering delicately over a light espresso mousse with a gooey caramel centre, and topped with crunchy toasted hazelnut. 


Oh my... 


The face of ecstasy! 


Today we also ate the Espresso Panna Cotta

Espresso Panna Cotta with espresso micro sponge, coffee jelly, and a swirl of dark chocolate with a dill leaf 

Creamy, dreamy, and golden glossy. The perfect coupling of coffee and cream has produced this gorgeous darling in a jar. The micro sponge simply melts to the touch, and the coffee jelly slides so sensually and so easily down the throat... ah!


Just look at that sheen!


Guys, I think I need a moment alone. 


Today Chef D ate Moss in a Jar

Carmelised white choc cremoux, pistachio mousse, caramel jelly, matcha soil, apple jelly, pistachio micro sponge and dill

Only Chef D sees the word "moss" and thinks dayum must put that in my mouth, but she's onto something: matcha, white chocolate, and pistachio is a threesome combo you'll definitely want to tag yourself into. 


Chef D absolutely adored this dessert. The pistachio mousse was smooth and rich, like a custard but like next level better. The apple jelly was tangy and slightly sour, and balanced well with the sweeter caramel jelly. 


You can tell that she really enjoyed herself because I barely managed to get a photo op in! 


Well guys, it's been a pleasure as always. Just remember next time you're on a date: Koi. If you're having a disagreement with your S.O. and you don't know how to resolve it: Koi. Or if you just need some quality time alone: Koi. Trust me, a little bit of delicious romance solves anything.