Meet Mica | Surry Hills | Sydney | Australia


Meet (my new friend) Mica!  


It's always a pleasure to make new friends, to meet people who share the same perspective on things as you do, or someone you can relate to in some way. Meet Mica is not a person per se, but I left feeling like I had made a new friend. 


Have you met Mica?

Say you're visiting a friend at their home and they offer you a cup of tea. At Mica's house, they offer you their coffee and have it displayed proudly on their wall.

They have Reuben Hills brewing at the moment. Guatemalan for a Pourover, and a Kenyan for a Single Origin espresso.

Hmmm... both sound good, but which one?


Today I drank Reuben Hills Guatemalan Pour over

Honest disclaimer: I was not a fan of Reuben Hills before today!!

I know, blasphemy right?! A friend and I went to Reuben Hills cafe recently and we were unimpressed with their coffee.

However, today's coffee brewed by the Meet Mica barista was fantastic. It was so good that I could barely put my cup down after taking each sip.

Suffice to say, the baristas and I were best of friends by the end of the morning.


Chef D drank a Cappuccino by The Little Marionette

There are two sides to the white coffee debate. 

One side believes that milk is bad for you and/or completely destroys the flavour of good coffee.

The other side can't drink espresso on its own and needs milk to balance it out. Or they don't give a s**t about what other people think and drink it anyway.

I believe there is a delicate balance that milk and espresso must come to in order to be the best it can possibly be. Least to say, Meet Mica's cappa was just that, a delicious marriage of coffee and milk.


Time to get in my belly!

At the time I didn't know that Meet Mica had plans for a menu change! At least I got to try these yummy goodies before they potentially leave the menu... :P


Today I ate the Lobster Congee  

This silky, savory rice porridge is an everyday breakfast in China — and indeed, in many parts of the world, where it goes by names like jookkhao tom moo, and arroz caldo.

Congee is an ultra-simple dish - literally it is just rice, water or stock, and sometimes cooked with bone to make it taste savoury. 

Meet Mica's lobster congee is the next level. It is simply, peasant food transformed, and for $28 per bowl, it must be special.

And indeed it was.

So how does a dish for peasants become the most expensive item on the menu? Of course the lobster, but it's more than that. I could taste the essence of the lobster running through the rice, which is subtle though rich and truly sensational.

I could got a healthy serving of lobster meat in mine as well, which I could not complain about! Any one who gives me lots of food is a friend of mine!


Today Chef D ate the Matcha French Lava Toast

If you are a matcha green tea fan, you'll probably want to give this a go (or wish you tried this before it possibly leaves us for good)....

Firstly, wow! This thing is massive!

Secondly, how do I eat this?


Oh boy, it really is like an exploding matcha lava volcano!

(sorry about the blurry photo, but you get the idea!)

Despite Chef D's criticism of this dish not having enough (or any) egg, I loved it! Unlike most matcha desserts that are completely over the top sweet, I liked that the matcha maintained its earthy "bitter" tea flavour. The condensed milk pourover gave the bread the creaminess and the sugar it lacked, and the bread itself was soft and fluffy, not dry and chewy as expected.

And if there was any doubt that Meet Mica and I could be friends, here's proof: