Baby Coffee Co. | Waterloo | Sydney | Australia

Dare to think pink.

That's what the guys at Baby Coffee Co. are not afraid to do. With lavish pink chairs, cushions and walls, the boys here are not only redefining the cafe experience but also proving also that men can also rock the colour just as good as the ladies, if not better! ;)

Times I've Been: > 10 times
Favourite Beverage(s): Cold Drip
Favourite Dish(es): Avocado Pesto Toast
Great if you: adore pink, are a bit hipster, love specialty coffee
Not great if you: feel intimated by a colour

Sometimes it's takes just a splash of colour.

For some, it is a side of bacon.
For another, it is extra sauce.
For the others, it is a touch of colour.

It is the little things that can make or break a meal. For Baby, it is clear that a good dining experience comes down to visuals. We as humans are visual creatures that eat with our eyes, so it also counts what colours are placed in front of us, eg:


Against a lush white background with lush grey plates under dense reds, opulent oranges, deep browns, ambrosial pinks and ornate greens.

Tell me that you wouldn't want to taste that.

Order up!

Who ordered a long black?


Today I drank an Ethiopian Long Black

Whilst it is common conception that black coffees taste better with a heavier, golden crema, it really depends on how the coffee is roasted. After all, what really matters is what is underneath ;)

Light tangy crema, smooth body, and no lingering bitter after taste. Yum!


Today I ate the Cinnamon Hotcakes

with fresh fruit, almond praline and berry mascarpone

Just one mere glance and I knew I had to dive into this dish; the fresh strawberries, blueberries and kiwis make these hotcakes simply divine!

Verdict: Amazing, soft and tender hotcakes. The slightly caramelised bananas added a lovely sweetness and creaminess to the dish, and the tart fruits balanced with the rich praline and mascarpone.


Today I ate the Espresso Pannacotta

with strawberry mousse, honeycomb crunch, and fresh seasonal fruit

This dish is the embodiment of spring! The strawberry mousse stripes dashed across the plate encapsulates the signature look of Baby. Very nice touch, boys!

The pannacotta itself was very creamy and perfectly done. The espresso was not overpowering at all, a great finish to my meal.

If you haven't visited Baby Coffee Co. yet, you're in for a treat - they are now doing dinner! Go check it out :)

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