Black Star Pastry | Kinokuniya | Sydney CBD | Australia

With the Night Noodle Markets recently gone and the city of Sydney is now preparing for Christmas, there's a whole lot of cake that needs to go, and a lot of hungry foodies that need feeding...

Behold -

The limited edition Mango, Coconut and Sago Cake

This delicious Mango cake features a gorgeous gingerbread sponge base, creamy lavender and coconut sago pudding, tangy Cointreau cream, sweet mango cheeks, fresh blueberries, and garnished with beautiful coconut pearls, crystallised violets and baby coriander.


The Black Star Pastry mango cake is a creamy delight, special in its own right and totally dissimilar to their current collection of cakes which makes it very unique. The layers of gingerbread, lavender pudding and Cointreau cream makes it a complex mosaic of flavour.

...and of course, Miss Munroe had to try a slice of Strawberry Watermelon Cake

My beautiful Brisbane friend is visiting for a few days and I've been showing her around our great city and feeding her the best eats. I told her that a Strawberry Watermelon Cake screams Sydney, and she was sold!

Consisting of two layers of almond dacquoise (like a meringue), rose-scented cream, watermelon, strawberries and garnished with pistachios and dried rose petals, this cake is not only beautiful but embodies love itself.


This cafe is in The Galeries, by the way, inside the Kinokuniya book store. Why not get yourself a new book, grab a seat, and eat some cake? :P

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