Black Star Pastry | Moore Park | Sydney | Australia

More cake! More cake! Moore Cake!

Until now I’ve only seen Moore Park as a place to watch a few films and catch a few live games. Now the Entertainment Quarter is the home of my favourite pastry store! This is great because there aren't enough cafes sporting that Strawberry Watermelon Cake ☺️

However, I wanted to try something new today, something I don’t normally eat... 

Today I ate an Orange Cake with Persian Figs

This is definitely one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen! The deep, orange colour of the cake paired with the brilliant purples and pinks of the figs and rose, isn’t it a stunner? 

Verdict: cake is super moist and yummy, definitely a winner! 

Today I drank a Black Sesame Latte

I absolutely love black sesame! I love it in sesame balls at yum char, in my ice-cream, and now in my lattes! It’s an interesting colour too - a dreamy gloomy grey...

...and Mr Cardigan ate a Strawberry Watermelon Cake and a Coffee Milkshake

My love doesn’t get to eat the Strawberry Watermelon Cake as much as I do, so he orders it whenever he gets the chance. The milkshake was apparently very sweet, but it’s a milkshake after all. 

Here's the cake again! So yummy!

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