Cafe Kentaro | Surry Hills | Sydney | Australia

Inspired by the lush Lands of the Rising Sun, Cafe Kentaro is a beautiful, rustic cafe in the deep springtime Jacaranda woven shades of Surry Hills. This chestnut cottage-like stowaway is the perfect getaway from the scuttling city, a commune where people can sip on zesty cool beverages and nibble on exotic Asian brunches and feel like they're far away from all the chaos and hubbub.


Today I drank a Cold Drip by Aroma Coffee

Cold coffee is my favourite kind of. Even though I love espresso, sometimes I like the edge taken off, and cold brew or cold drip coffee is perfect due to its low acidity.

Just look at that ice shine!


Food Fusion

As you would have guessed by the name, Cafe Kentaro's breakfast and lunch menu is inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine. Think flavours such as soy, wasabi, dashi, mirin and miso. Combine these with your everyday brunch, and you've got the perfect fusion treats that taste fantastic!


Today I ate the Brekkie Burger

Every cafe has a staple breakfast burger, but this is one of my favourite ones yet. Topped with two beautiful poached eggs, a thick ham steak (or smoked salmon), Japanese mustard greens (mizuna), a generous dollop wasabi hollandaise, and a soft milk bun, it is the best way to start the day.

FYI - the winner is the wasabi hollandaise. Absolute perfection!


Today I ate the Spicy Buta-Kimuchi Toast

Similar to Korean style kimchi, buta-kimuchi is a pork and kimchi stir fry and is a milder version traditional kimchi. Cafe Kentaro is served with sliced pork belly, garlic chives, garlic shoots, bean sprouts, and spicy yakiniku sauce, and it is an unusual but super savoury breakfast option that is sure to fire up some tastebuds!

Stir-fry on toast? Genius!


Today I ate the Matcha Cream Puff

Cafe Kentaro are also expert purveyors of luscious matcha desserts. From mille feuille to lamingtons, there is so matcha choice that it is impossible to choose! Well, almost impossible.

Feast your eyes; this really should be called the Matcha Cream Puff Tower! It's not piped and stuffed, it's literally a layer cream cake. 


Any matcha fan is guaranteed to worship matcha as their religion after this.

Favourite Beverage(s): Cold Drip
Favourite Dish(es): Brekkie Burger
Great if you: love matcha desserts, Asian fusion, specialty coffee
Not great if you: prefer less spicy food choices for breakfast

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