Mecca | Alexandria | Sydney | Australia

Coffee: a daily devotion.

While the prophets head to Arabia for worship, I've headed over to my devoted watering hole for my daily ritual: a damn good coffee.

There are a lot of fantastic coffee houses and cafes in Sydney, but there are only a few that go above and beyond impressing the crowds and just do what they love. Mecca is a space is that completed devoted to coffee. They have food items, but the centrepiece is the coffee bean. Why, their coffee is so good that it deserves an honourable mention that it should be its own adjective.



definition: activity performed at the level of high excellence

I had brunch at a cafe this morning but their coffee wasn't as mecca as the one I had in Alexandria the other day.


Today I drink a Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew

That head though.

This is my third ever Nitro Brew. Not many cafes do it because apparently it is quite a costly and difficult process, but the result is a beautifully creamy and slightly soda-like bold brew that resembles a cross between a iced black and a Guinness beer.


Today my friend Miss Munroe had Cold Brew served with (spilt) milk

"Don't cry over spilt milk."

That's what Munroe said when I made the woopsies over the counter top, and the best of friends can turn any situation around with a little bit of encouragement.

Reaction at first sip:

"Now that's an iced coffee!"

Favourite Beverage(s): Nitro Brew
Great if you: like specialty coffee, need some coffee brewing equipment, enjoy space

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