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Have you ever had a Poke (poh-kay) bowl?

Originating from Hawaii, a poke bowl is a fusion of sushi and nourish/buddha bowl, and consists of raw fish, rice, avocado, veggies, seaweed and a soy sauce-based seasoning. If it sounds healthy, it's because it is. A poke bowl is packed with lean protein, whole grain rice, healthy fats from fish, fresh vegetables and is traditionally gluten-free. 

Poke literally means ‘section’. Enjoyed as a snack these sections (or cubes) of raw fish were typically seasoned off-cuts & served with Asian-style ingredients like soy, rice, seaweed & spring onion.


Today I ate the Ora King Salmon Poke with Avocado, salsa & seaweed

Although the entire menu of Salmon & Bear looks absolutely amazing, I can't help myself but order just this one thing every time - essentially committing the ultimate foodie crime!

But it is because of this very fact is why this bowl deserves such praise. It's not only healthy, it's extremely delicious! The Ora King salmon, which is considered the "wagyu" of fish, is just as is promised: soft and tender, juicy and mouth-wateringly insatiable, and is cleverly paired with a healthy morsel of creamy avocado and fresh tomato salsa. Even the rice has a character of its own, which is a generous serving of basmati that sits in a tides-out pool of light soy & sesame dressing, and topped with crunchy seaweed nibblets.

Bottoms up!

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