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Make this Turkish ritual your new ritual.

Turkish coffee. Perhaps you've heard of it but you're not quite sure what it is. You know it has caffeine in it, but would you dare to order it and give it a go?

What is Turkish Coffee?

Simply put, it is the Turkish way to prepare unfiltered coffee. Ground coffee beans are boiled with or without sugar until all the flavour has been extracted out of the coffee, and spices are added, like cardamom, cinnamon, or nutmeg. The beverage is poured into a cup (even the grounds) and is traditionally served with a Turkish delight on the side.

Wait, where's the milk?

Milk is not traditionally served with Turkish coffee. If the coffee is made using sugar, this is usually enough to take the edge off. If not made with sugar, it is to be drunken straight. While this seems intimidating to some people, the whole point is to have it strong and spicy. It's a pick-me-up kind of drink to be had the Turkish way, no milk intended.

Anyway, let us have ourselves some coffee!


Today I drank a Turkish Coffee with Delight

My beverage came in a very special traditional Turkish patterned espresso cup and saucer. Beautiful design, and truly enhanced my experience. 

I was told that my coffee was prepared the classic way with no added spices or sugar, ans that the Turkish delight would be optional if I wanted to take the edge off. 

Unlike the common cup of Sydney coffee that I’m used to, it is not necessary to swirl or surf the espresso when drinking this beverage. That is because in doing so the coffee grinds at the bottom are likely to travel to the surface and will result in a unpleasant, powdery mouthful. If it is swirled, simply let the drink rest before resuming drinking.

The Turkish delight was very delicious. It was gelatinous enough to hold its shape, but soft enough to provide a pleasant texture that suited well to the coffee. Suffice to say, much better than any Turkish delight I’ve had from the store, in a candy bar, or even a kebab shop.

It is also said that Turkish coffee grounds can tell a person’s fortune. Just like tea leaf future telling from the East, the Turkish also have their cultural superstitions when it comes to their beloved beverages.

Well done, Anason, I will be back for more coffee and even try your food soon! 


Just look at that coffee, black as my soul...

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