Short Stop | Barangaroo | Sydney | Australia

There and back again!

Once again I find myself sporting a craving for donuts at Short Stop Donuts and Coffee. At the time of day that I went (with Em the Brit), it was a bit late for coffee, but it is always an occasion for a delicious carbohydrate dense donut after a long and strenuous workout! 💪🏼

I love Short Stop donuts because they are simply the best! Not as heavy and doughy as Doughnut Time, and far less greasy than Krispy Kreme, Short Stop donuts are moist, freshly baked throughout the day, and their flavours are always rotating so there is always something new and exciting to try!

But first, time for some old favourites ❤️ 


Today we ate Maple & Brown Butter and Australian Bush Honey and Sea Salt Cruller

These delicious donuts are some of Short Stop’s signature treats, and also my favourites! The Maple Brown Butter donut is a rich and syrupy and despite its size it is light and fluffy, whilst the Cruller is delicate and crispy, and some of the best choux pastry delights I’ve ever had! 

Mmmmm so good!

Time for cake. 


Today I ate a Chocolate Cake Donut

Whilst I don’t intend to go for Short Stop for cake, I’m not going to say no to a chocolate cake! Donuts in many shapes and sizes, with a variety of textures, filling, and glazes. This cake donut has a dense, spongey mouth feel, with gooey dark chocolate filling and chunky chocolate bits. Can’t imagine that from the picture? Guess you better get one yourself!

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