Bread & Circus | Alexandria | Sydney | Australia

Life is a circus, so just eat the damn bread.

Even though life can be an absolute circus, I am rest assured knowing that there is one food house out there to keep me grounded, and that's Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen. It's all in the name: wholefoods, organics, fresh, no nasties, healthy and absolutely delicious.

Grounded, but full of surprises.

Under first impression the aesthetics of the canteen is a bit of an entertainer. Firstly, everything is pink: from the acryllic painted tin buckets to the wooden spoons, the plates and the walls, and even the La Marzocco espresso machine. If it's not pink, there is a rainbow chromatism theme going on around the shelving, wall art, seating area, not to mention the abundance of fruit that seems to be lying around in every available corner and crevice.

Even the menu is something of a feat; it is ever-changing and it's not just seasonal. Bread and Circus prides itself on its high standards which means only the best of the best goes on your plate. Every day they are reprinting and revising their menu according to quality, which in my opinion is pretty awesome and is a great philosophy towards food!

But first, coffee.

Many, many months ago when I moved to Sydney I was intimidated by the fact that I had to make new friends and find new coffee and food locals. Fortunately, it wasn't long before I met an amazing person that goes by the name of Bestie Nancy who took us here to Bread and Circus. It was here we broke the ice, started a solid friendship, shared some amazing food, but more importantly I found a new favourite drink: Cold Drip!

Today I drank a Cold Drip

From the Kiangoi Coffee Production farm of Kenya
Notes: blackcurrants and lime

I'll be honest, 90% of my motivation to return here was due to one thing and that was their filter coffee. To this day, Bread and Circus still do the absolute best Cold Drip. It's sweet, it's tangy, it's smooth, it's the kind of drink that can upright my RBF. And with blackcurrants and lime notes, it was exceptionally excellent with my choice of food.

Today I drank a juice and Turned Japanese

Turning Japanese: Pineapple, Mint, Yuzu, and Ginger

Yes, I really think so. Do-do-do-do-do-do-do...

Alright, back to the buns.

Today My Love* ate the Caramelised Lemony Banana Pancakes

with Banana, Ricotta, Biodynamic Egg Flourless Pancakes, with Maple Syrup, Lemon Compound Butter, Caramelised Banana and Fresh Strawberries


These pancakes are the shizz! The pancakes themselves are so flavourful that on its own it's delicious, but combined together with tart strawberries, creamy ricotta, sweet caramel banana and maple it's truly scrumptious! 

*Formally known as Mr Cardigan, My Love grew tired of being referred to a retired piece of clothing. Fair enough, considering it is now Sydney Summer.

Speaking of which...

Today I ate Summer on Toast

with Goats Chevre, Seasonal Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs, Chilli Flakes, and a squeeze of Lime

If anyone could encapsulate the essence of summer it's definitely Bread and Circus. So light fresh, this delightful plate of wonderful with exotic flavours of chilli and lime is definitely the embodiment of sunshine, the stopping to smell the roses, or sunbathing in the garden or by the pool side.

Go on. Try the Summer on Toast, it's really the Slice of Life.

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