Donut Papi | Redfern | Sydney | Australia

My Strawberry Milkshake Donut brings all the foodie boys to the yard.

Donut Papi has finally opened up a store, and has come to Redfern, Sydney! Enough market stalls, pop ups, and scattered treats around town, Sydney city finally had a sweet watering hole-food nutrition stop for the doughnut craved foodies needing that fix.  

How it all began.

It all started with a man called Kenneth Rodrigueza who grew up eating, breathing, and loving doughnuts as a kid. As he grew older, doughnuts became more than just a food, it became a passion and with that passion came a vision: doughnuts can be more than just cinnamon, jam and chocolate; what about Ube, Matcha, or Black Sesame?

My first batch was a banana custard doughnut with white chocolate ganache. It took me almost two days and I wasn’t really happy with it,” he tells Micheala Morgan of SBS. But despite his own criticism and perfectionism, he shared his creation with his co-workers at the time and they absolutely loved it. 

From there, his doughnuts became more creative, and he started to discover amazing flavour combinations like matcha white chocolate, strawberry sakura glaze, and stuffed purple yam. Then he had to come up with a name for his business, which he based it on his two favourite people in his life: his dad (Pap), and his favourite rapper Drake (Champagne Papi).

Thanks to Keith's dad, rapper Drake, and Keither's ample affection for the cakey delight, the world finally has a permanent center where all foodies can gather and celebrate these beautiful hand-crafted, handmade gourmet doughnuts that can’t be found anywhere else. They’re one-of-a-kind, made with love, and guaranteed to make you smile :)

And now, let's eat.

Today I ate Fruity Pebbles Doughnut 

Papi’s doughnuts are light at the touch, fluffy at the bite, salivating at sight, and sweet on the buds. His doughnuts aren’t dense and chewy unlike some other pastries out there, but rather they are the perfect treat to snack on, or a great pick-me-up if you just need something to lift your spirits after a dragging afternoon of work.

I took one bite of the Fruity Pebbles doughnut and turned to Chef D and said: "Never have I had anything like this before! This is incredible!"

Chef D ate the Strawberry Milkshake Doughnut

Everyone likes a classic, and this gorgeous glistening Strawberry Milkshake Doughnut with adorable rainbow sprinkles is unsurprisingly the icon of donuts around the world, and certainly a delicious favourite. Chef D took one bite of this and sighed: Now why can’t all donuts be like this?!

The pink pals together forever.  

Chef D also ate the Ube Donut

There’s always room for something different; queue the Ube Stuffed Donut, a modern take on the Boston cream but with a delicious Asian twist.

What is Ube? It goes by the other name as a purple yam, it is sweet like vanilla and has a slightly nutty flavour. It is often cooked with sugar and served in desserts, which makes it a great filling for a doughnut!

Now it’s time to dig into a little bit of chocolate!

 Today My Love ate the Mocha Chocolate Brownie Doughnut

with real brownie topping and a delicious mocha glaze

This one is chocolate and coffee lovers dream, and would go great with one of Papi’s espresso coffees to go!

Now to take them home to the masses! 

Thank you for reading! Share with your friends, family, and other foodies! Please give feedback so I may always be improving my writing, photography, and finding new ways to stuff my face. Now go out and try more food and report back with your next favourite!