Kepos Street Kitchen | Redfern | Sydney | Australia

Epicurus did not judge. Neither does food. 

Come to Kepos, where you can be free of fear, pain, and find true happiness through good food, coffee, and beautifully brew tea; happiness includes good tea.  

From Ancient Greek philosophy by Epicurius, the word KEPOS is the name of a garden that housed a school called the Platonic Academy (est. 307 B.C.) that offered education, accessible for free and irrespective of sex, rank and origin. This wonderful and incredibly progressive philosophy has aged well, and the Epicurean perspective is applicable to most places of the Western World today, and not just schools but food houses like Kepos Street Kitchen!

But first, tea.

Today I drank an Egyptian Rose Tea

with hibiscus, whole rose buds and rose petals roasted over a light tea base to create a aromatic magenta brew

No coffee? Is a question that is going through your head right now. No, because I am not a fan of Allpress, and as a free-thinking working-class woman of Asian descent I am entitled to a discernment of different beverages, and I choose tea, especially when it is brewed with rose and hibiscus.

Rose and Hibiscus tea is one of my favourite brews because of the strong colour it produces, and also the rich flavour without the lingering astringency that results in over brewing. Amateur tea makers will often seep the tea for too long, heat the water too hot, or simply use too much tea to water. The guys at Kepos, however, are masters of their craft, and my tea was absolutely spot-on perfection.

Despite having little/no caffeine it was the perfect wake-me-up drink. I love coffee, but the come-down can be a bit of a slow dip trip. Tea doesn’t do that, which makes it a great option to turn to every now and then.

Then second, honey.

If a beautiful tea is not enough to tempt you, the menu also says that adding a bit of honey turns it into a liquid Turkish Delight. I absolutely love Turkish Delight, in fact, at one point in my life I was utterly obsessed with it and was eating it twice a day every day! Now, however, I prefer the natural low-carb version ;) 

And now, let's eat.

Today I ate the Burrata cheese, Persian eggplant, soft boiled egg, and volcanic salt on toast

Highly recommended by the waiters, this dish is definitely one-of-a-kind and a not-so-decadent indulgence first thing in the morning. 

What makes this breakfast so special is the ooey gooey burrata. I’ve had some pretty terrible burrata in my time, but this is definitely one of the best. Dig your fork into it, and it’s burrata food porn.

Cheese? Yes. Delicious? Yes. Fattening? Who cares! 

Burrata is a fresh buffalo milk cheese made with mozzarella, stracciatella and cream. The firm mozzarella is the shell that holds the burrata together. Burrata may not be strictly middle eastern, in fact it’s Italian, but it pairs so nicely with Middle Eastern flavours such as the Spiced Eggplant.

The Spiced Eggplant with turmeric sauce is also a sensation, and it brings back a lot of good memories. Years ago in high school I had a boyfriend from the Middle East, and his mother used to make me a delicious Persian eggplant rice dish every week. I don’t miss the ex-boyf that much, but I never forgot the eggplant... Clearly this foodie knows the biggest love in her life!

Today My Love ate Falafel for breakfast

Literally - falafel, hummus, tomato, cucumber, labneh, pickled chilli, soft boiled egg

The Persian version of a Journeyman’s breakfast, according to my love who is a fan of cold cuts, pickles, and dip for brekkie, and instead of meats it’s falafel.

Falafel, if you didn’t know, is a deep-fried dough ball or patty made with chickpeas, fava beans or both. For flavour, parsley, spring onions, garlic, cumin and/or ground coriander is added before cooking. It is typically eaten as a snack or in pita wraps, and is a common street food in Egypt and the Middle East. If prepared correctly, it can be a delicious alternative to meat, and a super addictive side dish you'll want to make with everything all the time.

Well there you have it. Happiness truly is the result of great food, drink, and company. Thank you Kepos, for the great awareness of your culture and cuisine, my belly thanks you for it; now I know where to go if I need a bit of culinary education. 

Thank you for reading! Share with your friends, family, and other foodies! Please give feedback so I may always be improving my writing, photography, and finding new ways to stuff my face. Now go out and try more food and report back with your next favourite!