Paramount Coffee Project | Surry Hills | Sydney | Australia

It is absolutely paramount to visit this place.

Second visit to Paramount Coffee Project and it is just as good as the first time if not better! That’s right, and I’ve even bought some friends this time around to join in on the fun.  

PCP is an industrial-chic cafe with high ceilings, turning out creative, diner-style food from various food cultures around the world. It is a collaboration Jin Ng of Paramount House, Mark Dundon of Seven Seeds and Russell Beard of Reuben Hills. PCP is a showcase the variety of styles and approaches in quality coffee, and their cafe focuses on unique, delicious food and exceptional customer service.

But first, tea.  

Today I drank a Silver Jasmine Green Tea

At the time I came here it was a little too late for a coffee, but a soothing green tea is a perfect solution for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 

What I loved about PCP’s tea brewing is that there are no tea leaves to strain; it’s all perfectly brewed by the time it reaches the table, which means there’s no chance the customer will be drinking an overwhelmingly astringent tea. Well done guys, it was a fantastic brew!

Today my friend Enigma ate the Crumbed Eggs

With mustard braised ham hock and kale

It was Enigma’s first real brunch in Sydney and he was being indecisive so I ordered for him. He did not regret my decision at all! 

A bit of nostalgia.

The Crumbed Eggs dish was my very first item I tried from this cafe and it won my heart immediately. The eggs are perfectly fried so lightly and were so crispy on the outside yet yummy and oozey gooey inside, the ham hock is not overly mustard-like and very delicious and tangy, the kale mellow and soft in texture, and that sensational apple and wholegrain mustard sauce on the side is simply mmm!! 

Today Mr. Cardigan had the Japanese Fried Chicken Burger  

With onion rings, soy mayo, pickled cucumber, lettuce and lotus root chops

Isn’t that a sight to behold?! Don’t you just want to dig into it like right now? 

While a lot of fried foods tend to be heavy on the oils, overly cooked and burnt, or bland tasting without salt, this burger from PCP is delicious, flavourful, and the combination of those onion rings and fried chicken is simply delicious.

Bravo on those lotus chips too, crispy and sensational! 

Today I ate the Miso Ramen

With chashu pork belly, nori, chilli oil, smoked corn & soy egg

I tend to stay away from Asian dishes on Western-style cafe menus due to a childhood Asian food overload, but after devouring this bowl of ramen I must admit I need to do re-adjust some of my food values! This ramen was absolutely satisfying in every way: great broth, soft boiled soy egg on top gave it a nice touch, that oh-my-god that charshu (or Char siu) pork belly was so good that the next time I go there I'll see if I can score an extra couple cheeky slices ;)

I certainly had some fun snapping shots of my bowl before eating.

That is some top-notch ramen!

Times I've Been: 2
Favourite Beverage(s): Macadamia milk Cappuccino
Favourite Dish(es): Crumbed Eggs, Miso Ramen
Great if you: like a diverse cafe menu, love specialty coffee

A little throwback to an earlier visit before I got my mirrorless camera :)

A throwback to my first visit back in August 2017. 

A throwback to my first visit back in August 2017. 

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