Aqua S | Haymarket | Sydney | Australia

Sugar, caffeine, dairy all in one soft serve... Dangerously yummy!

I am at Aqua S once again. Yes, I was there only a few days ago. Somebody start setting up some kind of account for me, might as well. Don't judge me!


Today I masticated an English Breakfast Tea Soft Serve with Sweet Popcorn and a Palmier until it was just air in my hand.

Aqua S's new flavour of the fortnight is the dangerously delicious and delectable English Breakfast Tea. While this concept might seem odd to some people, I knew I was in for trouble even before I wrapped my lovely lips around it. Sugar, caffeine, and dairy are three of the most addictive and rewarding things your body can have, so it is no wonder why I inhaled this entire tower of a cone before I was able to breathe. This flavour is my most favourite yet. Too bad it's only available for two weeks! *cries*

Oh well, better go and get some more then!