Short Stop Donuts | Barangaroo | Sydney | Australia

Another short stop to make!

Aaaaand I am back at Short Stop AGAIN! Seriously, I can never get enough of this place, and I can never seem to satisfy my donut cravings no matter how many I eat!

My objective this morning was to try the new Pandan and Coconut donut. 

I love Pandan, it's one of the most understated flavours used in Western desserts. For those of you who don't know, Pandan is a leaf, and it is used in a lot of Southeast Asian cooking and dessert. It has a sweet taste and it is often compared to vanilla, but it actually has hints of grassiness, coconut, citrus, and nuts. 

Mocha, Boston creme, Pandan Coconut, Triple Matcha, Maple Walnut Brown Butter, Cookies and Cream

Mocha, Boston creme, Pandan Coconut, Triple Matcha, Maple Walnut Brown Butter, Cookies and Cream

Everyone knows that the best time to get baked goods is first thing in the morning, and like other crazy foodies, Chef D and I left home at 7am to get to Short Stop early enough so their donuts would be super fresh. You might think this is ridiculous, but the early bird gets the worm, sometimes it's worth being an early riser :)


Today I drank El Salvador batch brew.

And like every other rational human being at 8am, we needed coffee. I opted for a good old filter from El Salvador. I always enjoy Short Stop coffees, especially when it's freshly made first thing in the morning.


Today I ate six donuts, but I started off with the Pandan!

Taste-test time is always the most fun. As expected, Short Stop can do no wrong. Their pandan icing is sweet and nutty, and it compliments well with the coconut filling. Their team is so creative and talented, and I am always awe-inspired by how they've been able to keep their success going, though I am not surprised at all.

donut and coffee.jpg

Just give me a moment here... 


I'm back on Zomato after so long!

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Short Stop

This place is perfect to make a quick stop for - you guessed it - coffee and donuts! They have specialty coffee on offer on rotation, as well classic and limited edition donuts like Triple Matcha, Maple & Brown Butter, and flavours of the month that's whatever is in season, or whatever the masterminds in the kitchen feel like whipping up for you...