Smooth Chocolate Festival | The Rocks | Sydney | Australia

Happiness is a Strawberry Watermelon Cake with chocolate.

Happy Sunday Funday!

Today we find ourselves at the Smooth Choc Festival, a big Sydney foodie event dedicated to the world's biggest love affair: chocolate.

All the biggest dessert connoisseurs of Sydney have come together and put together a chocolate haven, a candy-coated toothsome wonderland, where a sweet brown ambrosial substance is idolized like a religion. Let's bring it on!

swsoft serve smooth choc fest.jpg

Today I ate the Blackstar Pastry star: the beloved Strawberry Watermelon Soft Serve topped with diced pistachio.


But let's not forget their limited edition Strawberry CHOCOLATE Watermelon Cake!

They only had so many, so we all had to fight for a slice ourselves.


Today we also ate Gelato Messina's fun-size gelato chocolate bar.

This delicious morsel is mouth-watering fun! Caramel gelato and caramel fudge covered in Messina milk chocolate with rice bubbles and biscuit crumb.


Then we waited in line for 20 minutes for some Sweet Therapy in a cup!

This might waffle combined with marshmallows, Oreos, m&ms and chocolate waffers is an absolute winner!

...and of course eating so many sweets can create a big appetite...

6174644656_IMG_0164.jpg today we also had a Fritz Weiner to finish off the palate.


What a day! Soft serve, cake, gelato bars, waffles, weiners... I'm all tuckered out! 

Time to say goodbye! We will be back for you soon :)