BAKED EGGS @ Cook & Archies - Surry Hills, Sydney, AUS

This bruncher is back in Sydney, baby!

In case you didn't know I was in Melbourne for the last five days. It was an incredible experience and it opened my eyes to food culture I'd never experienced before. I drank lots of coffee, put away plenty of hotcakes, and took a lot of photos with my new Canon.


Today I went Cook & Archies.

C&A is cafe that boasts a wholesome menu and satisfying portion sizes. A friend recommended it way back in February, so it was bound to be one of my brunch stops eventually. Besides, after a five-day brunch binge, I could really feel my body yearning for luscious greens and healthy proteins, so I really wanted to give C&A a trial today.

Located quite close to Sydney's Central Train Station, traveling is highly convenient, which must make C&A a popular stop for locals and travelers alike. 

Today I drank a Long Black with Single O's Killer Bee blend.

According to their website, Killerbee is their sweetest blend with flavours of dark honey, toffee & a tropical fruit sweetness, with mild acidity, creamy texture & long milk chocolate finish. The blend comes from the farms of Mahonda Burunda, Quiché Guatemala & Veracruz Mexico. I really enjoyed my cup, it was mild to my liking, and it tasted just as good when it was cool. You can buy some of their beans here if you fancy :)

Bestie Nancy drank an Apple Tree Iced Tea with fresh fruit, mint, and lemon. Bestie has a sweet tooth, you see, and she said it was really delicious and refreshing, so that's thumbs up from the sweet tooth gal :)

Today I ate from the Chef's special menu - Potato Rosti with Smoked Salmon and Avocado.

It came with a generous serving of dressed greens. Doesn't that look absolutely scrumptious? Kinda reminds me of a Poke Bowl... 


Bestie ate the Shakshuka.

Shakshuka a North African/Middle Eastern version of baked eggs and tomatoes. She dug into her food very quickly, which is code for YUM. I really like baked eggs dishes, they're always very hearty and well-priced, which is also perfect for starving students at brunch!

I really wanted to eat but couldn't because I was so full, was one of their coffee cones. Not long ago I visited The Tiny GIANT Petersham who also do them. Now I know to come here if I don't feel like traveling out west for it :)

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Cook & Archies. Friendly service, great food, good coffee. High recommended for a good meal, or just to chat up with a friend over a coffee.

Thanks guys! xx

Here's a map of the cafe below. Keep exploring to find your next favourite!


I am back on Zomato!


Cook & Archies

If you want good, wholesome food that is delicious, healthy, and satisfying, then head over to Cook & Archies near Central station for a coffee break, a quick catch up with friends, or to feed your hungry, hungry soul...