NUTELLA PANNA COTTA @ Penta - Elstenwick, Melbourne, AUS

Nobody has truly had Nutella until they've had a Nutella Panna Cotta.

This morning on the way to the Temperance Society I was rained and hailed on. Not the best way to kick-start the day, but at least I didn't need a coffee to wake me up.

Penta is the latest edition from the guys who brought us Legacy, Temperance Society, Miss Frank, and Mob Espresso. Having just come from Temperance Society in Hughsdale, I was curious about the menu differences, plus I wanted to try their legendary Panna Cotta!

Today I ate Penta's one-of-a-kind Nutella Panna Cotta.

It's easy on the eyes, and is probably one of the most photographed desserts on Instagram. Paired with crispy sesame banana and decorated with colourful edible flowers, this dessert is not only visually stunning but also a delight to eat. The Panna Cotta is rich in Nutella flavour, and incredible silky texture. It was like eating a chocolate mousse, only better!

Just look at how pretty it is!

Today, I also ate the Penta Benedict.

Their signature brunch item is a modern spin on the classic eggs benedict, with braised beef cheeks, watercress, two poached eggs, jalapeno hollandaise and sweet potato waffles (yes please!) with the added side of mushrooms. I really enjoyed the balsamic mushrooms with the savoury flavours of the eggs and beef. It was kind of like eating a sunday roast for brunch... how curious and interesting!

The Penta Benedict - Penta's signature brunch dish that combines everyone's favourite breakfast with the charming sunday roast... so good!

Penta also does some pretty cool (or hot!) beverages.

They have colourful smoothies, fresh juices, delicious milkshakes (we got ourselves a Nutella shake to go with our Panna Cotta), and a range of hand warmers, even filter coffee for us coffee snobs ;)

Overall I really enjoyed Penta. Though it was quite busy, they keep the momentum going and the service pumping. The Nutella Panna Cotta was absolutely divine, and the Penta Benedict is definitely a must-have! 

This morning I had breakfast at the Temperance Society. Read more about that here.