BACON & EGG DUMPLINGS @ Proud Mary - Collingwood, Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Last day in Melbourne today! 

With only a few hours left to enjoy this amazing city, Mr. Cardigan and I decided to keep it local and check out the place everyone's been buzzing about - Proud Mary. Known for their spectacular customer service, creative food menu, and reputable coffee, we had to see what the fuss was about. Little did I know I would be walking into my favourite cafe in the whole of Melbourne.

Proud Mary is one of those rare gems in the cafe industry that executed everything flawlessly, from "Hey guys!" to "Have a lovely day."The level of service is exceptional, the food favourable, and the coffee excellent.

Today I drank an espresso of the Villalobos varietal from a farm called Hacienda Sonora.

This one is blended with the Red Catuai from the same farm. "This fortnight," the young woman said, "we are offering a range of honey processing styles so that the drinker can really taste the difference between the levels of honey processed beans." Unfortunately their Flight option was unavailable due to the popularity of the full micilage style, so I opted for the next best, the 80% mucilage style.


Espresso (RED)

Boasts stewed fruit, red apple, jam, and cinnamon.

While this may seem a strange concept to some of you I personally found it very humbling to know I was in the presence of people who were passionate about coffee as much as I am. In most cafes, it is often the case that floor staff aren't trained to know much about coffee or its production, that only baristas have that privilage, but I was very impressed that the staff here go that extra mile to enlighten their customers with fascinating information that connects a customer and the farmer. I believe this is the kind of knowledge is essential in facilitating an understanding of where our coffee comes from, and why it is so important to respect it. With service like that, it hard to walk away not feeling an appreciation for the industry.

Today I ate Indian French Toast, Bacon and Egg Dumplings, Cassoulet, Beef Short Rib Chill Truckstop. 

I love their menu, it is so culturally diverse and fun to eat; it is clear their imagination knows no bounds. Of course the food was absolutely delicious, especially the Bacon and Egg Dumplings. Their dishes are designed to share, so that nobody misses out on trying something new. My only suggestion: add an extra dumpling to the plate, unless they enjoy watching couples fighting over the last morsel :)

Nitrogen Cold Brew time. Sadly, the busy weekend had depleted some of stock and they had none left on tap, however, they told me not to worry for their store down the street had plenty in their barrels. Guess I had to make a trip to Aunty Peg's then!

Read more about my trip to Aunty Peggy here.

Well there you have it, my last brunch in Melbourne was at Proud Mary, the best coffee and food in town. Highly recommended for a great meal, and you'll probably get a quick course on coffee if you're a serious die-hard fan :)

“We take great pride in supporting coffee producers... they are the true rock stars of coffee.”
— Proud Mary Coffee