Celebrating Post-Dentist Visit with Brunch

I survived the third stage of my root canal!

I thought it would be rather painful, but it is hurting far less than the last stage. The left side of my face is completely numb, and whenever I smile I look extremely unsure of myself *haha!*

Even though I had just been prodded and drilled, I still managed to make it to Surry Hills for brunch with Bestie Nancy at Cook & Archies. I asked Bestie to inform me if any food or coffee was spilling down my mouth and to not take too many photos of my gooey face during my time of vulnerability!

Even though I had to chew on one side of my mouth with the speed of a snail, I really enjoyed lunch, which was a Potato Rosti with Smoked Salmon and Avocado (I needed something soft!!). Though I probably shouldn't have due to my surgery, I did have a coffee. I think they use Single origin roasters' Killer Bee blend, which was really tasty as a long black. I am already looking forward to going back there some day :)

Again, probably shouldn't have done so, but Bestie and I ended the date with a filter coffee from Neighbourhood by Sean McManus. Pity I don't remember where the coffee was from, but I'm thinking it was a Kenyan. I savoured it slowly on the train home.

Tonight's dinner will be leftover Beef Stew with winter vegetables. I love Beef Stew the next day because all the flavours combine so well when left in the fridge overnight. Hopefully, my tooth won't hurt too much from all the chewing, though maybe tomorrow I will make soup...