YUZU + SEA SALT SOFT SERVE @ Aqua S on George Street - Haymarket, Sydney, AUS

Where the Ocean Blue meets Korean Yuzu. 

Once again I find myself at Aqua S enjoying their newest flavour, Yuzu.

Yuzu is a Korean citrus, often compared to lemon. However, Yuzu is sweeter and not as sour as lemon, which makes it a less tart and more refreshing in particular desserts. 

At Aqua S they prepare your soft serve a little bit differently, with yummy toppings like palmier, sweet popcorn, and popping candy. Sea salt soft serve is Aqua S' signature flavour, but they shake things up by introducing new flavours that change every fortnight, such as Pandan, English Breakfast Tea, Lychee, and Coconut. But the best part about Aqua S is they don't just make their desserts to taste good, they make them so Instagram worthy it's almost a shame to take the first bite!

Tonight I ate Sea Salt + Yuzu soft serve combo with fairy floss.

I love fairy floss with my ice cream. Who would've thought those two things would be such a great pair?


My good friend Marie, aka Miss Delightful, chose the Sea Salt + Yuzu soft serve combo and toasted marshmallow.


Together we were the sea salt and yuzu dream team :)

File_000 (1).jpeg

While it on its own the sea salt can be a bit overwhelming, paired with their sweeter counterparts can really compliment each other's flavours. This is no exception for the yuzu. Combined with the sea salt, the sea salt + yuzu combination was super tasty and refreshing. It made the perfect after dinner dessert. 

Yuzu soft serve really hit the spot. It has my approval! I wonder what we will get next? 

Keep on finding your next favourite!


Zo-mah-to or Zo-may-to? What ever it is, I'm on it.


Aqua S

If you're someone who loves to take photos of your food just a tiny bit more than eating it, then Aqua S is just the place for you, HOWEVER, take those photos quickly because you're gonna want to dig into your DELICIOUS soft serve too!