BAOS, BAOGERS + FRIES @ Belly Bao - Newtown, Sydney, AUS

"Street food, but not as grandma remembers."

I am a sucker for Asian food, especially Asian fusion and quick and delicious street eats. To me, food doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be honest, good, and worth eating. That's why Belly Bao is some of the best eats I've had so far!

I grew up eating Asian food all my life and yet I'll admit I've never truly appreciated its amazing flavours until very recently. Now I eat it constantly as if I was making up for lost time. Belly Bao has been helpful on this quest of mine, their Asian Street food inspired menu incorporates Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian flavours fused with popular Western bites, which makes it really easy be adventure, but very difficult to not order the entire shebang!


Belly Bao recently moved from the Hudson Ballroom in the city to the eccentric streets of Newtown. Only 5 minutes walk from the Newtown Train Station, Belly Bao is not only in the hippest new arrival but also the most accessible, and with a big BELLY in words red and yellow you won't miss it even if you try.

About the menu:

As the name gives away, Belly Bao is all about Asian food, including their signature Belly Baos, which are warm steamed buns that are filled with meat, sauce, and vegetables. They also do Baogers, which is a Belly Bao original, a handmade bao burger hybrid; Bao Noodles, handmade bao dough rolled and hand cut into noodles, and 'BBC' - Belly Bao fried Chicken - brined for 24 hours then battered and fried to order in their special BBC Asian spice mix. And if that's not enough to tempt you, their menu is stuffed with delicious morsels of pork belly, panko chicken, braised pork, braised beef, soft shell crab, and savoury eggplant.

Look at all that shoestring glory.

Look at all that shoestring glory.

Today we ate Curry Cheese Fries

Made with Golden Japanese curry, we knew we were in for trouble, but we ordered it anyway because Bestie and I stare trouble right in the eyes and eat the fries nonetheless! And Holy F&*# were they GOOD. The sauce runs right down the bowl, so even the strings at the bottom get all that cheesey goodness - almost all of it!

Bestie ordered Slow Braised Pork Belly Bao and the Panko Crumbed Chicken Breast Bao

Don't let the size fool you - these seemingly bite-sized pieces of heaven are packed with flavour that almost defies logic. In Bestie's words "That braised pork belly melted in my mouth so well I questioned if I was eating meat!" And that panko chicken breast, oh so good, so crispy and dense yet light? That doesn't even make any sense and yet it does!


Mind blown!


Now my turn!

This beast devoured the monstrous beauty - a DOUBLE Baoger with Hash brown... because hash brown.

Go double or nothing, is what I say when it comes to burgers, or should I say baogers. Any true burger lover knows that double meat is the only way to eat one. This double trouble leaves nothing to the imagination but was was still fantastically surprising on the taste buds. The patties were cooked to perfection, the cheese insatiable, the pickles completely complimenting, and that hash brown hiding underneath is the absolute star of the show, there's nothing quite like biting through a tender and juicy beef patty and then crunching down on that crispy potato goodness at the end.



Might I dare say I have found my new favourite burger of ALL TIME???!!! I think they could give Ume Burger a run for their money :D

Oh, and if you need further proof of how awesome this place is and why you should go, just look at Bestie's face in utter ecstasy.


'Nuff said.

Find your next favourite at Belly Bao in Newtown. Trust me you won't regret it!


I'm back to writing reviews on Zomato!


Belly Bao

Newtown just got CRAZY BETTER, like if that was even possible! Their Asian Street food inspired menu incorporates Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian flavours fused with popular Western bites, resulting in marvelous food that you won't want to wait to sink your teeth into! Great vibes, and music that'll really get you going.