Around the World in One City

Good evening friends! It is my second day in Melbourne and Mr. Cardigan and I have had such an exciting time exploring this amazing city. Today we've had quite the variety of cuisine, starting in Fitzroy for some beautiful croissants from the Lune Croissanterie, followed by some very tasty coffee at Industry Beans, then a big dinner at one of Melbourne's top restaurants Red Spice Road, finishing with a belt loosening dessert at Aqua S. A day like this is what any foodie's dreams are made of :)

Lune Croissanterie 119 Rose Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Lune Croissanterie
119 Rose Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

First stop: French food at Lune Croissanterie

I love croissants. It is my go-to pastry if I can't decide what to get at the bakery. Even a "bad" croissant is still better than nothing, especially if they're filled with something like chocolate. Anyway I was told from several sources that the croissants at Lune surpasses even the ones made in France, the home of these delightful morsels, so this was something I needed to investigate! My journey of discovery took me to Rose Street in Fitzroy, where I got to try three of the best-tasting croissants I'll ever have in my life!

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Second stop: Africa for Ethiopian coffee at Industry Beans

Next, we went to a really cool and hip cafe just down the road called Industry Beans for coffee. It was a little hard to find at first, but eventually the aroma of roasted coffee beans gave away their location. They have an amazing selection of coffee, more impressive than their delicious food menu! They do five types of espresso, four hot filters, and one cold filter. I ended up choosing the Gold Mesh filter for a delicious Ethiopian brew that tasted very fruity, and Mr. Cardi got the Tanzania on Aeropress which was quite citrusy and caramel-like.


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red spice road melbourne (2).jpg

Third Stop: Southeast Asia at Red Spice Road

After our misguided attempt at trying to find a good restaurant on a Thursday night in Melbourne that wasn't packed, we thought best not make the mistake again on a busier Friday. At RSL we got in early enough to enjoy their Express Lunch menu, which involves a 6 course meal that includes: Torn lamb in lettuce cups with smoked eggplant, and nam prik; Malaysian yellow curry with rockling, snake beans, and sweet potato; Lijiang cold noodles with cucumber, peanut, green onion, and roasted chilli; Potato, garlic, chives, egg & radish salad; Chilli chicken stir fry with green peppers, and thai basil; and lastly the ultimate dish... Pork belly w/ hot mint, chilli caramel & black vinegar. All that at only $36 per head, a total steal! But hey, less money spent on the food means more money on the booze... *wink*

IMG_9826 (1).jpg

The Sakura Blossom martini is very, very delish <3

Last stop: (???) at Aqua S QV

Okay, so I don't actually know what part of Asia these guys are from and frankly I don't care, their soft serves are always amazing and they are great to photograph. And I know they have Aqua S everywhere I'm from (Sydney), but I hadn't tried their new pandan flavour yet so I thought to undo a couple of buttons and brave the overfill. Well worth it. 


Now that I'm 5 kilos heavier I think I will sleep like a comfy fat cat tonight!