A LITTLE BIT OF FANCY @ The Grounds of the City, Sydney CBD, AUS

Is it fancy? Or fancy fancy?

Today we ate at the Grounds of the City.

The Grounds have established quite a name for themselves amongst the cafe and brunch culture in Australasia. Since 2012 they have welcomed literally tens of thousands of customers for on-site roasted coffee, artisan baked goods, a produce-driven menu, beautiful flowers, and a philosophy to take home: that quality product and innovation is the way forward to the future. So it is slightly ironic that the Grounds opened a 1920's themed cafe in the middle of a bustling urban nest of the CBD, The Grounds of the City. 


What I love most about this place are its uniqueness and opulence. Everything about this place is big, bold and beautiful, from the outstanding cake set-up and barista bar to the particularly special displays of artisan bread and speciality coffee in their windows.


Better call Gatsby, he wants his universe back.

I was very excited to come here finally. There had been a lot of hype about this place from fans, and haters talking a lot of smack, but I don't listen to any kinda of smack until I've tried it for myself, so here we go.


Espresso? Filter? Cold brew?

Sure, some of this coffee geek terminology may be overwhelming, but the baristas have designed something special to connect you closer to your coffee.

Cue the coffee platter.

The point of a coffee platter is to expose the drinker to a new way to experience coffee. While this sort of concept won't be unfamiliar to regular black coffee drinkers, those who have had lattes or cappuccinos their entire life may want to try something new... 


Today we drank a Coffee Tasting platter

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur, budding barista, or for the first-time-for-anything kind of person, this is the perfect way to try a variety of single origin coffee at its best. Designed to be had without milk, this board has been perfectly brewed to ensure you'll enjoy the gorgeous flavours of the coffee bean from various regions of the world. The platter may vary depending on what's available at the time, but this time we got:

1. Espresso (Colombia)

A bright, strong, acidic 'spro with a big kick. It almost knocked me back a bit! Luckily it was only a single. Honestly, I am still shaking from the thought of it! Absolutely loved it.

2. Filter (Ethiopia)

Any coffee lover cannot go wrong with a filter. Unlike the strong, and sometimes overwhelming espresso, a filter coffee is a perfect way to experience the subtle flavours of the farm the bean came from. If you don't know what I mean, suppose you are drinking a glass of fine wine and you're tasting fruits, smokes, and oaks... well, it's the same with coffee! This one was smooth, creamy, and very fruity.

3. Cold Brew filter (Ethiopia)

This one was my absolute FAVOURITE! I love cold brew coffee, and I've had my fair share of muddled and confusing brews, but not here! Brewing coffee slowly in the cold releases the sweetness without the acidity, which results in a rich, bright, smooth, and sexy coffee that is so refreshing you won't know how you lived your whole life without it!


Their Classic Cold Brew is quite possible my most favourite cold brew yet!


Today I ate the Freshly Baked Croissant

With king crab salad, soft herbs and lemon.

It's not every day I see a croissant stuffed with crab, so when I saw this little number I simply had to have it, and I highly recommend it for any seafood lover! For what sounds like a heavy dish is quite the opposite. The salad is creamy, and the croissant is light and buttery.


Today Mr Cardi. ate the Soft Boiled Eggs

With smashed avocado, heirloom tomatoes and goats curd on a toasted corn muffin.

So simple, yet so elegant. This is a perfect, well-rounded breakfast with a great flavour combo, and will keep you going all day. There's no beating this winner!


...and then we treated ourselves to a Bakery Basket.

With house-made preserves, cultured butter and whipped mascarpone. 

If we weren't already content with croissants and corn muffins in our mains, we then had to go and order a basket of mini-croissants, danishes, and pain au chocolat from the Grounds continental selection.  Worth the $15? Oh yes. Yes.

After all that food, I didn't have to eat until dinner time. So that means that food at The Grounds of the City is satisfaction guaranteed, but don't take my word for it, go and try it yourself!


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The Grounds

If you like your breakfast Gatsby style and your coffee with a little dash of fancy, this is where you want to be! Completely over-the-top and opulent, the food and coffee no different, but that's the part you must take advantage of!  The Grounds guys are the masters of cafe culture, which makes their venues one of the few places you can grab a barista tailored coffee tasting board, and an infinite supply delicious baked goods for the carb-lover in you.