Devon Cafe | Surry Hills | Sydney | Australia

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to see the ways that you yourself have changed."

- Nelson Mandela

Time to return to the place where it all began, for the coffee that inspired me to become a better barista, and the food that transformed me into the foodie I am today - to Devon Cafe!


Devon on Devonshire solidified my love for great food and coffee, and it was the first cafe we visited when we landed in Sydney.


Prior to coming to Sydney, for months I had built up an expectation that it was going to be amazing; family and friends that had come here all claimed it was the best coffee and food they'd had... but I was afraid that I had placed my expectations so high that it wouldn't live up to my own hype...

I wasn't let down, and Devon Cafe became the benchmark for every coffee, brunch, and Matcha dessert I'll ever have.

Anyways, will the place be the same since I visited so long ago, or will it be the case that I have changed?

Conclusion: To date, it is still my FAVOURITE cafe.

Today I drank a Double Espresso from Guatamala

Soz, I didn't manage to get a photo.
The espresso looked so good it was gone in a shot!

Once again, Devon proves that they have some of the best baristas. The Guatemalan espresso was sweet, sharp and had a tangy dried apricot taste, with a full-bodied dark chocolate finish that lingered dreamily around the mouth. Stunning!!


Today I drank an Ethiopian filter (V60) by Mecca Coffee

7 months ago I wouldn't have thought to try a filter coffee, I was still drinking espresso and didn't mind the strong, intense flavour (that at times was barely palatable). Now, my second coffee of the day tends to be a filter, and my go-to filter is usually made with a V60, and it is my favourite way to have filter coffee because it is the best way to enjoy all of the beans' natural flavours!

I really enjoy Mecca roasted coffee. I had some at Blackwood Pantry the other day and their Washed beans were quite delightful. Today I wanted to try their Naturally processed beans. The result, the cup was more full-bodied, creamier, and sharper than the washed. I tasted notes of berries, rose, and delicate sweetness. Overall, very enjoyable!


Today I ate the Piggy Banc

Crispy pork belly, pork & fennel sausage, roast potato, fennel, spring peas, and jus gras

Pork and fennel are a for-sure food combo guaranteed to win people's hearts! There's nothing like a good old hearty pork and fennel sausage roll, unless it's combined with crispy potato and pork belly at the same time.

Perhaps not the best choice for more people having breakfast, this heavier, more comfortable number is a good choice for anyone who are: 1) wanting to fill up for the rest of the day, 2) carnivores and avid meat eaters, or 3) extremely hungover! I wasn't hungover, but it won my heart for sure :)


Today I ate the Yakuza Burger

Grilled chicken, Mozzarella Katsu, Devon's secret sauce, cos lettuce, pickles, milk bun, and seasoned chips

It would be an absolute organised crime to not eat this burger. The Yakuza is your ordinary chicken burger but elevated - it has a Mozarella Katsu after all! Combined with beautifully seasoned chips and creamy mayo, it's the perfect and satisfying lunch for any burger fantastic. 


Today I ate Little Lost Bread

Brioche French toast, wild strawberry ice cream, vanilla marscapone chantilly, ricotta, strawberry curd, gold leaf, fresh & freeze dried strawberry

Devon have two signature dessert dishes; one always has Matcha, and the other is always lost and delicious - like this adorable cutie that didn't take long before it was devoured whole. 

The brioche bread was soft and sweet, the freeze-dried strawberries providing the perfect dose of crunch, the ice cream was rich and paired beautifully with the ricotta, and that creamy marscapone is the ultimate addition to any dessert. This little lost bread got me lost indeed!

After many months away, I am still in love with Devon Cafe. The coffee and menu are still the same, but I am more the wiser to appreciate the hard work the guys put in everyday. A big thanks to all the guys at Devon - the friendly staff, the brilliant baristas, and the hard-working chefs in the kitchen continuously making great food everytime.