RICOTTA HOTCAKES @ Higher Ground - Melbourne CBD, AUS

Innovative, creative, and damn right special.

Hey guys,

This is our third stop in Melbourne today, on the Western side of the CBD lives an eatery called Higher Ground, a standing ovation of great food, perfectly brewed specialty coffee, and an absolutely beautiful space that is chic, modern, yet still retains its arcadian charm.

The refined and restrained interior offers tiers, nooks and perches to savour a meal, or to enjoy a drink.
— Higher Ground, Melbourne

I love brick, I think I could have a love affair with it, and Melbourne is covered with it. In a city where everything is concrete, red brick is the perfect offset in any architectural structure.


Today we both drank Single Origin coffee: a V60 pourover and a cold brew

My 6th coffee of the day!

Today we try their Guatemalan coffee, which was very nice, especially Mr Cardigan's iced cold brew, woweeee that is smooth and refreshing!


Today I ate Strawberry Chia with fresh strawberries, buffalo yoghurt, mint, and kiwifruit

Take strawberries and cream, deconstruct it a little bit, add a bit of green for good measure and there you have the most vibrant, luscious, edible strawberry fields forever on a plate. But don't let its simplicity deceive you, the Strawberry Chia dish is rich, creamy, sweet and sumptuous... you'll never go back to just having strawberries on its own ever again!


Today Mr. Cardi ate the Ricotta Hotcake with maple syrup, seeds and grains, cream, seasonal fruits and flowers

"Sir, this dish requires a 25-minute wait, is that okay?"

Eating this dish was kind of like eating a cake with all its layers, except this wasn't a cake at all. It also came in a deep-dish bowl, which was also totally unexpected, and every mouthful of this colourful treasure was moist, delicate, and even though it looks sweet AF, it was actually just PERFECT.

So when your waiter tells you to wait 25 minutes for these hot cakes, YOU WAIT 25 MINUTES FOR THESE HOT CAKES, 'coz these hotcakes are HOT HOT HOT!!!


And there you go folks! Found your next favourite place in Melbourne ;)