COFFEE MADNESS @ Industry Beans - Fitzroy, Melbourne, AUS

Amazing coffee and food in Fitzroy!

Hey guys! This afternoon I am at Industry Beans, a cafe that produces specialty coffee and delicious food. But they're not just a cafe, they also have a warehouse where they roast their own beans for sale and supply.

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While I most certainly enjoy cafes that offer a source and supply of coffee, there is something special about visiting a coffee house that roasts their own product on site. That way you know that the coffee you're getting is not only fresh, but it is always handled with extra special care and by expert hands.


Industry Beans even have a special coffee menu, printed with the finer details of each of their chosen coffee bean's farm, varietal, origin, and tasting notes, separating their list by espresso and filters for all drinkers. Whether you're a milk devotee, filter aficionado, or an espresso fanatic, Industry Beans have got your back.

Today I drank Ethiopian from the plantation of Mormora with the Gold Mesh filter.

Unlike pour overs which use paper filters which can catch a lot of the flavour, sometimes I like coffee from a metal filter which allows more flavours to pass through, especially if it's an Ethiopian coffee. My brew was very aromatic and full of body, and I could really taste the fruit of the guava, orange, and pear.

Mr. Cardigan had the Tweega AA from Tanzania, brewed with an Aeropress.

It was bright, bold and clean. It was fruity, malty, and citrus, a dazzling combination that was perhaps slightly more impressive than my own brew at home! Well done guys :)

Rosewater Compressed Watermelon with Lemon Myrtle Panna Cotta, yuzu bee pollen curd, and wattleseed granola

Rosewater Compressed Watermelon
with Lemon Myrtle Panna Cotta, yuzu bee pollen curd, and wattleseed granola

Today I ate (stacked) Rosewater Compressed Watermelon with Panna Cotta and Granola.

I definitely have an affinity for Panna Cotta, because I seem to eat it all the time!

Even though Mr. Cardi and I had already stuffed our faces earlier at Lune, it was absolutely mandatory to have a snack with our coffee - cue the fruity, refreshing watermelon stack. Fresh watermelon, floral rose, creamy panna cotta, crunchy granola, tart dehydrated orange, sour curd... excellent combination and complimented our filter coffee nicely.

Loved our time at Industry Beans. Fitzroy has become one of our favourite spots in Melbourne. Will return here sometime for lunch, no doubt about it.