WORLD'S GREATEST CROISSANTS @ Lune Croissanterie - Fitzroy, Melbourne, AUS

Happy Friday Fatday!

Today was my first day waking up in marvelous Melbourne, eager to explore more of this great city and devour some delightful eats.

This morning marks a special occasion, for we embark on a rather extraordinary journey to Fitzroy to try THE BEST CROISSANTS IN THE UNIVERSE at Lune Croissanterie!


A little bit about Lune...

Lune Croissanterie is a very special place, understood by anyone who knows the labour, love, and extensive trial and error that went into creating it.

Kate Reid, a former formula-one race car engineer, decided to follow her passions and pursued her love for pastries, to create what is now known as the best croissants in the world. Reid is said to work tirelessly every day, attempting to master what is the "perfect croissant", admitting that even after years of development she hasn't quite gotten it right so far, and yet even though her croissants are considered the finest, even surpassing the ones in Paris, France, her passion and determination are what sets her back from all other pastry chefs, evidence that this is not the final product, and there is more to see in the years to come, which is really, truly exciting. 

My favourite quote from the news article embodying the only philosophy that one should live by, if only there is one:

"She harbours no regrets about her big career change, living by the credo that “we get one chance at life, so why not love what you’re going to devote your time and mental capacity to.”

Tastebuds, get ready for blastoff!

Tastebuds, get ready for blastoff!

Now for the best croissants to meet my lips... 


Today I ate Original Croissant aux Amandes (Almond Croissant)

This twice-baked beauty is prepared with Almond Frangipane & garnished with a healthy amount of flaked almonds. You bet that it was nothing like any almond croissant I'd ever eaten. It wasn't an ordinary croissant with almonds on top, it was like this pastry had been soaked in almond magic for days before baking. YUM!!!


Check out that interior... Don't you just want to gobble that up??


Today I also ate a Pear and Burnt Butter Cruffin.

What is a Cruffin? Well if you haven't already figured it out, it is a cross between a muffin and a croissant. The croissant pastry is shaped into a muffin-looking shape then baked as is. But that's not all, inside this little gem is something naughty and nice...


Inside is a healthy dose of pear, apple and burnt butter custard.

The Pear and Burnt Butter Cruffin was by far my FAVOURITE of the day!


And to conclude this concerto, a delectable Twice-baked Mocha croissant.

Feeling absolutely stuffed with coffee and croissants for the morning, we decided to take this one home with us. Well, we almost did!...


Verdict? Lune Croissanterie deserves the title: Best Croissants in the World. My respects to Kate Reid and partners that brought me the new favourite pastry house to date.