SPECIALTY COFFEE @ Manchester Press - Melbourne CBD, AUS

Hello fellow foodies and coffee snobs!

I landed in Melbourne only a few hours ago and already have I found the hippest watering hole in the city. Welcome to Manchester Press. Directions: find the alley with the disco ball and you shall be shown the way...

Manchester Press is an old warehouse revamped cafe serving food (best known for their bagels) and for crafting the perfect cup with every brew. Here they use 8oz Coffee Roasters, a boutique micro roastery based in Auckland, New Zealand. As kiwis ourselves, we were rather impressed with their selection; it's always good to know we are doing our country proud :)

Yeah - nah we just roast bloody good coffee and sell rad stuff.
— 8oz Supply Co

Today I drank a single espresso from the Villa Galicia estate of El Salvador.

It was sweet, balanced, with a mild finish.

Apparently MP is always busy. Evidently, for as soon as we sat down only moments later the coffee house filled up with students and corporates alike. 


I could easily see this place being my regular.

If you don't mind the disco ball, follow the map below: