Black Star Pastry | Rosebery | Sydney | Australia


Hey guys!  

I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately having the flu, but I managed to sneak out of the house today for a walk to one of my favourite patisseries, Black Star Pastry, and despite the chilly weather, the trip was well worth it.

Above images sourced from Instagram @blackstarpastry

Black Star Pastry is the home of a number of boutique pastries, including the most photographed cake in the world, the Strawberry Watermelon Cake (bottom right). It's so delicious that it's become Black Star's most popular item, and it is often sold out before the day is gone! In this case the early bird gets the cake :P


Today I ate the Strawberry Watermelon Cake  

Fresh, light and fragrant, and consists of layers of delicious almond dacquoise (made with almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream or buttercream), beautiful rose-scented cream, thick slices of watermelon, sweet strawberries, crunchy pistachios and dried rose petals. It is so refreshing it doesn't feel like you're eating a cake!


Just look at those colours, it is like looking like a beauty of nature.


Today I ate the Chia Pudding Bowl

A perfect medley of creamy and refreshing. The chia pudding was smooth like a light, fluffy yoghurt, but had sort of a jelly jam texture. Eating this bowl was sort of like having a creamy fruit salad. Perfect light meal for a quick breakfast!


Today I drank Mörk Hot Chocolate  

I diverged from my regular routine and ordered myself a hot chocolate for breakfast. I don't normally spoil myself like this but I heard this chocolate is some of the best in Australia so it was a must. Verdict?  Rich, creamy, not too sweet which is just how I like it. 

Mörk have a store in Melbourne where they serve a full menu of chocolate including a Campfire Hot Chocolate and 100% pure chocolate shots. Sounds like I need to check this place out soon!

Black Star also have branches in Newtown and The Galeries inside the Kinokuniya book store. Wherever you are in Sydney, head to your nearest Black Star Pastry store for your next favourite treat!