Hale & Hearty | Waterloo | Sydney | Australia

The only place for the "other" eaters.

Good morning! Wow it is a really chilly day today; 9 degress celsius; I grew up in New Zealand, and I do consider this cold! Brrr! Anyway, this week I find myself in Waterloo to sample Sydney's best pancakes at the one and only Hale & Hearty!

Above images sourced from www.instagram.com/haleandheartyau/

Hale & Hearty is an alternative food venue servicing the vegan, gluten free, dairy free and the 'I quit sugar' enthusiasts of Sydney Australia. Their menu is all about wholesome, organic, and honest ingredients; food that is made to taste good and make you feel good at the same time.

But first, matcha.


Today I drank a Coconut milk Matcha Latte sweetened with Maple syrup  

Hale & Hearty use no-added sugar matcha powder  in their lattes, and instead of processed sugar they use maple syrup. The result? A well-balanced drink with that natural earthy taste that is often missed at other places that serve matcha.  


Today I ate the Zuchinni and Avocado Pancakes with Chorizo, Goats cheese, Tomato salsa, drizzled with Maple syrup

Hale & Hearty is the home of the best pancakes in town. They're gluten free, made with all natural, organic ingredients, stacked like a tower and they look so delicious! But don't let the gluten-free aspect fool you, these pancakes are light and fluffy, and you can really taste the zucchini and avo! And the chorizo sausage is oh-so-spicy and nice :) 


Today I also ate Ricotta with Honey and Cinnamon toast  

I suppose it's carb-loading today because I ordered toast as well as my pancake stack. To be honest, this was the first time I ever had Ricotta on toast, and it was a very good first experience so thank you Hale & Hearty, I think I could really make this my regular thing!


Even though Hale & Hearty specialises in catering for the vegan, gluten/dairy/sugar free crowd, this little establishment is perfect for any conscientious eater. Whether you're on a high protein diet, or you have a list of dietary requirements that other restaurants refuse to touch, this is a place you can order your non-dairy milk with your coffee, gluten-free chia toast with your egg-white omelette, and of course there's maple syrup to naturally sweeten anything you like. Welcome to a place for the "other" diners, where we have options rather than being starved for choice everywhere else - a perfect place to find your next favourite.