The Tiny GIANT | Petersham | Sydney | Australia

Rainbow bagels are the new BLT.

Good day fellow foodies!

I was in such a good mood this morning that I decided to take a trip out of usual comfort zone of Sydney city and visit The Tiny GIANT Petersham in Inner West Sydney. I had never been to Petersham before, and I heard there was a cafe where one could get a coffee in a cone *GASP* so off exploring I went to find this tiny giant.

Tiny GIANT is not even a hop, skip, and a jump from the train station. Sitting on a petite roadside corner a cute, mint-green cafe lit by the morning sun, and inside a cozy, clean industrial interior.

There were all walks of life at the Tiny GIANT. A young artist sitting outside sketching whatever was on his mind that day, a group of middle-class woman drinking coffee with their small dogs, elderly gentleman seated inside reading the paper, well-suited ladies and gents coming in for their daily grind, and curly-haired students with their laptops, using the free wi-fi to study - or most likely checking their Facebook updates. I took up the stools by the bench and quietly became "one of them".

My view, loving the beautiful brick.

My view, loving the beautiful brick.

The menu at the Tiny GIANT spoke only two words to me: PHOTOGRAPHS PLEASE! It is filled with attractive looking items, such as Waffles with Persian floss, Baked Eggs, their world-famous Chocolate injected Cronuts, not to mention the encouraging "Don't forget to use the tag @thetinygiantpetersham for all your Instagram uploads!" - which by the way I endorse fully, because I believe sharing the things you love and what brings you happiness that can also bring other people happiness too is one of the greatest things you can do :)

And now, let's eat.


Today I ate the Over the Rainbow Bagel with fresh banana, caramel sauce, coconut, and Persian fairy floss.

How could I pass up the chance to eat a Rainbow bagel, after all who knows when the next time I'd be in Petersham. This dish was made for Instagram to every last detail: the colours of the bagel with chopped banana layered throughout it, brown golden caramel swirled around the plate, fairy floss topped all over like birds of a feather, crisp white coconut scattered everywhere like confetti, and fresh edible flowers matching the bagel's colour scheme for good measure! Even you all gotta admit, it's a hell of a nice touch.


Today I drank(?) a Coffee Cone.

An interesting concept, coffee in a cone. While most baristas don't fall for these so-called gimmicks, I love them, and I don't think these are gimmicks at all, they're fun, a little silly but in a good way, and a new and exciting way to experience new things!

So what was it like drinking(?) a coffee out of a cone?

Well, first of all you don't want to be moving a lot while holding it, because the coffee does spill easily. Second of all, the cone does not hold much volume so it's not a big drink, but in spite of that, it did taste really, really good, kind of like eating a mochaccino. I'd definitely get a coffee cone again.

And guess what? I was in such a GREAT mood after my time at the Tiny GIANT that I decided to walk all the way home, yes that's right. I took the scenic route and walked all the way from Petersham to Roseberry. Am I crazy? Perhaps, but that's what I am - crazy about food :D

Make the Rainbow bagel your next favourite at The Tiny GIANT Petersham.