Welcome Dose | Roseberry | Sydney | Australia

It's lasagna like never before.

It was such a glorious day today, no cloud in the sky, the sun is out, the winter's wind was mellow and forgiving, so I decided to foot all the way from Petersham to Rosebery. The whole journey took me about an hour and a half and I felt so good afterwards, but I was extremely thirsty and hungry so I stopped by my home away from home, the Saporium/Cannery, for a bit of downtime.

The Saporium/Cannery is a hub for great food and coffee in a 4500-square-metre retrofitted warehouse in Sydney's inner south, Rosebery. It's a giant space that attracts the locals and foodies alike, and there's plenty of reasons why. There's Kingsmore butchers for the best craft cut meat in town, a Wholefoods for any organic and ethically sourced produce you need, the Bee Hive for the perfect brew or bottle, Archie Rose Distillery for a gin experience like no other, Black Star Pastry home of the famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake, a cooking school (VIVE) for when you want to sharpen your skills in the kitchen, and Grain bakery for an incredible croissant you'll want to wrap your lips around. 


Today I drank a Cold Brew from Welcome Dose Specialty Coffee

Welcome Dose roast their own coffee on site, so their coffee is bound to be some of the best around. My favourite kind of brew is the cold brew, and I can have it in any weather. It is especially good at WD. I don't know how they do it, but it's always rich in flavour, full of body, and consistently good.


Today I ate the Bone Marrow Beef Lasagna

Forget the bechamel, bone marrow is what you need in your lasagna! Juicy, meaty, savoury, amazing! Paired with a yummy citrus slaw, this is a great lunch for a chilly winter day.

If you're looking for great coffee in the inner south, head to the big warehouse of great eats and sweet treats, the Saporium/Cannery for your next favourite brew :)