Honey Creme | Haymarket | Sydney | Australia

There's a new arrival on the block, and honey, she's lookin' pretty.

Hey guys!

Mr Cardigan, Chef D, and I are back scouring the block for the next big food blowout, and what better place to catch our eye than the new Korean kid on the block, Honey Creme.

Honey Creme is a soft serve parlour specialisng in soft serve topped with many choices of toppings like caramel, candy floss, honeycomb, even museli or chocolate and bacon! Unlike other soft serve parlours which have rotating soft serve flavours, Honey Creme keep it really simple and only have their signature vanilla, but provides an array of topping combinations so there is always something new to try. Their soft serve is made with 100% pure organic milk, and it is the quality of the milk that is said to make all the difference in taste. 

Now I'll have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of another dessert parlour opening up in the CBD. One of my favourites soft serve places, Aqua S, already has huge success and such a fan following, I wasn't sure if this would be good. But hey - what do I know about business, I just know how to eat, so let's get right down to it!

Source: juganauts.com

Source: juganauts.com

The parlour is compact and lit up with bright lights. Fake grass has been decorated against the wall, probably for the very purpose of photography. The theme is yellow, for honey, and there are bowls of Nespresso capsules and rainbow cones along the shelves.

Look at that 'fro!

Look at that 'fro!

Today I ate the Organic Cotton Candy + Affogato Soft Serve.

I was pleasantly surprised how good this tasted! The espresso and honey mixed together with Honey Creme's signature soft serve was absolutely incredible, and of course the candy floss 'fro is always fun to eat. 

Just look at that drip...

Just look at that drip...

Today Mr. Cardi ate the Comb Honey Soft Serve.

Let me be clear to not mix this up with the Honeycomb which is soft serve topped with pieces of real honeycomb. This sweet, little delight is basics at its best: just signature vanilla soft serve with oozey, gooey honey running through the channels. Just look at those honey drippings from the top, drool...


Today Chef D ate the Popcorn + Caramel Soft Serve

Chef D, being a chef of course and a master of flavours, has just the right way to enjoy popcorn and ice-cream at the movies, because who goes into a movie without popcorn and ice-cream? Amateurs, that's who!

Step 1: Buy a bucket of popcorn and a choctop.
Step 2: Eat the chocolate topping off the choctop.
Step 3: Dip the ice-cream upside down into the bucket of popcorn.
Step 4: Enjoy a popcorn moustache.
Step 5: Repeat.

Compliments to the chef!


Well, there you have it. After having tried several flavours and thinking about how Honey Creme compares to other soft-serve parlours like Aqua S, I believe the difference is definitely in the soft serve itself, and how the chosen toppings complement the soft serve so nicely. After all, it's not about the body, but rather the outfit. 

Have fun dressing up your new favourite soft serve at Honey Creme.